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Will of Reverend John Blake, Clerk of Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset - The National Archives PROB 11/1097/205, probated 15 Nov 1782

Random searching does not bring up any information on this Blake family at Staple Fitzpaine and Okeford Fitzpaine. Staple Fitzpaine is just 3 miles from Pitminster. From the gist of the will it looks like two Blake families have married with the sister of the testator Mary marrying a John Blake. I did not find any new information on this Reverend John Blake at Staple Fitzpaine.

Parish Records for Okeford Fitzpaine from the OPC Dorset webpage

Elizabeth Blake buried 1772 28 years
Mary Blake buried 30 May 1793
John Blake buried 22 Jun 1794

No Blake records for baptisms or marriages and no Blake on the 1841 census at Okeford Fitzpaine.

There is a baptism for Eleanor Blake, daughter of John and Mary Blake on Family Search 21 Apr 1749 at Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset which is 4 miles from Okeford Fitzpaine. OPC Dorset webpage does not have any further information.

Hazelbury Bryan is in the area just west of the Winterborne Valley and Blandford Forum but I do not think he is related to the Malachi Blake family at Blandford.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 9bOct 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1097/205
Testator: Reverend John Blake
Place: Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 9 Nov 1781, probated 15 Nov 1782
Condition: 18th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: The Reverend
[Margin]: John Blake
[Margin]: Clerk

1    I John Blake
2    of Staple Fitzpaine in the County of Somerset Clerk do make
3    public and declare this to be my last Will and Testament as
4    follows I give unto my Sister Mary Blake Fifty pounds I
5    also give unto her husband John Blake one Guinea
6    I also give unto each of their Children Eleanor excepted who
7    shall be living at the time of my decease one Guinea I also
8    give unto Betty Dean if she shall be living with me at the
9    time of my decease Five Guineas all the rest and residue
10    of my Goods Chattels Rights Credits and personal Estate
11    of what Nature or kind soever I give and bequeath unto
12    my Niece Eleanor Blake except my manuscript sermons
13    all which manuscript sermons I do hereby strictly charge and
14    commend to be burnt as soon as possible after I am dead
15    and lastly I do hereby appoint my said Niece Eleanor
16    Blake Executrix of this my last Will and Testament
17    in Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and
18    Testament set my hand and Seal this ninth day of
19    November one Thousand seven hundred and Eighty one
20    John Blake
21    Appeared personally John Blake of
22    of Ockford Fitzpaine Clothier in the County of Dorset and
23    John North Jun[io]r yeoman of Staple Fitzpaine in the
24    County of Somersetshire and being sworn on the holy
25    Evangelists severally made oath that they knew and were
26    well acquainted with the Rev John Blake late of Staple
27    Fitzpaine in the County of Somerset Clerk deceased for
28    some
    [Page 2]
29    some time before his death and also with his Manner and
30    character of Hand Writing have often seen him write and
31    write and subscribe his Name and having now viewed and perused
32    the Paper Writing hereunto annexed purporting to be the last
33    Will and Testament of the said deceased beginning thus “ I John
34    Blake of Staple Fitzpaine in the County of Somerset do make
35    public and declare this to be my last Will and Testament” and
36    ending thus “In Witness whereof I have to this my lst Will
37    and Testament set my hand and Seal this ninth day of November
38    one Thousand seven hundred eighty one” and thus subscribed
39    “John Blake” they these deponents jointly and severally depose
40    and say that they verily and in their consciences believe
41    that the whole copies and presents of the said Will beginning and
42    ending as aforesaid and also the Name John Blake thereto
43    subscribed to be all of the proper handwriting and subscription
44    of the said John Blake deceased John North Jun[io]r John Blake
45    on the Fifth day of October 1782 the said John Blake and
46    John North were duly sworn to the Truth of this Affidavit
47    before me Thomas Alford Commissioner
48    This Will was proved at London the Fifteenth
49    day of November in the year of our Lord one Thousand
50    seven hundred and Eighty two before the Right
51    Worshipful Peter Calvert doctor of Laws Master keeper
52    or Commissary of the prerogative Court of Canterbury
53    lawfully constituted by the Oath of Eleanor Blake Spinster
54    the Niece of the deceased and sole Executrix named in the
55    said Will to whom administration was granted of all and
56    singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased
57    having been first sworn by Commission duly to administer.

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