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Will of Richard Blake, Enmore, Somerset - The National Archives PROB 11/296/522, probated 21 Dec 1659

Now begins the Richard Blake of Somerset wills and there are two of them. This first is for Richard Blake of Enmore Somerset and is a nuncupative will.

This Richard is the son of Humphry Blake and Elizabeth Giles and hence a collateral line to Admiral Robert Blake. Richard’s brother Humphry is referred to as Humphry the elder and he was married to Elizabeth Upton (this family lived at Aisholt) and they had nine children according to the Portbury website for Blake. Richard is leaving his property to two of these sons who are named in the Lease for lives (Humphrey (eldest) and Arthur. I need to investigate the records for this particular family now as I have not yet done so. To verify the online table and perhaps push the records down a little further towards the present.

I do mention Richard in the writeup of his brother Humphry’s will blogged:

Note in this will the Humphry has changed his brother’s will and given the property from Richard that was at Charlinch to his son Roger. Instead Arthur will receive an annuity until the age of 25 and then 200 pounds British money. Roger had a large family so perhaps that is the reason for the change. Humphry (his son) has already died.

Enmor is just five miles from Overstowey.

Relationship Chart

Admiral Robert Blake [101] is the 2nd cousin once removed of Richard Blake [133]

                                Common Ancestor

                             * Humphrey-21 Blake [1]
                                 (Cir 1499-1558)
                                   * Agnis [2]
                                (          -1585)
                                  Married  [1]
                   ---------------------------------------------------------                                                                                        |                                                                |
                   |                                                                |
    * John-27 (the elder) Blake [3]              * Robert-28 Blake [4]
         (Cir 1521-After 1576)                    (Cir 1523-Cir 1592)
              Johan [12]                         Margaret Symonds [22]
           (          -1595)                               (          -1600)
         Married Cir 1541 [4]                        Married  [5]
                   |                                                                 |
                   |                                                                 |
       * Humphrey-38 Blake [16]                 * Humphry-43 Blake [25]
          (Cir 1556-Cir 1619)                       (Cir 1563-1625)
         Agnus/Ann James [73]           Sarah Swithers formerly Williams [100]
           (          -1645)                                  (          -1638)
       Married 23 Oct 1578 [19]                 Married 5 Oct 1597 [26]
                   |                                                                     |
                   |                                                                     |
        * Humphry-54 Blake [74]              * Admiral Robert Blake [101]
         (Cir 1580-          )                        (1598-1657)
         Elizabeth Giles [129]
             Married  [33]
         * Richard Blake [133]

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 24 Oct 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/296/522
Testator: Richard Blake
Place: Enmor, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 1 Sep 1657, probated 21 Dec 1659
Condition: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: T[estament] Richard Blake

1    The last Will and Testament
2    Nuncupative of Richard Blake Late of Enmore in the Countye of Somersett dec[ease]d
3    Published and declared the First day of September In the yeare of our Lord One
4    Thousand Sixe hundred Fifty Seaven in words as followeth (viz[ a vi]t) The said deceased
5    being the day and yeare aforesaid sicke of Body But of sound and perfect mynde and Memory
6    did give and bequeath unto Humphrey Blake and Arthur Blake Sonnes of Humphrey
7    Blake his brother All that his Tenement lyeing at Charlinch in the said words (via[ avi]t)
8    I doe give and bestowe All my right Title and interest in my Tenement att Charlinch
9    To my cousin Humphrey Blake and Arthur Blake being the Two lives nominated and
10    Expressed on my Lease thereof They paying All my debts And as for all the rest of his goods
11    and chattels hee gave and bequeathed unto his brother John Blake in these words (viz[ a vi]t)
12    And for all the rest of my goods As corne Sheepe horses debts oweing and All other
13    things whatsoever I give and bestowe to my Brother John Blake of Overstowey or words
14    to the same or like Effect, Spoken in the p[re]sence and heareing of Daniell Spark, John Hall
15    The Nine and Twentith day of December In the yeare of our Lord One Thousand
16    Sixe hundred Fifty and Nyne att London before the Judge for p[ro]bate of Wills and granting Administratione
17    lawfully authorized Administration with the Will annexed of Richard Blake deceased issued forth
18    to Humphrey Blake the Father and executor lawfully assigned to Humphrey Blake and Arthur
19    Blake Minors The Kinsmen and principall Legataees named in the said Will To Administer all
20    and singular the goods ch[at]ells and debts of the said dece[ase]d according to the Tenor and Effect of the said
21    Nuncupative Will And to and for the sole use benefit and behoofe and dureing the Minoritye
22    of the said Minors hee being by Comission sworne truly to Administer the same There being a
23    Sentence definitive read and promulgated for the validity and confirma[t]ion of the said Will

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