Thursday, October 31, 2013

Involvement in Studies - Attitude

I had an interesting email today as it reminded me once again of why I avoid being in charge. I belong to a particular study group for yDNA (at least my brother does but I manage it) and I was chatting back and forth with the administrator because I recently ordered Gen2.0 to provide more information on the deep ancestry of our paternal line. I like getting involved with the project but the administrator asked me to suggest to a member of the Blake yDNA study that they should join the study because they are the same haplogroup. Now for me that is sort of crossing the line. I do not want to make such suggestions to people; I do not want them to feel that perhaps they should because I have been helpful in their studies. Trying to decide how to do that and probably I am just going to let it ride. If they ask me I would tell them about the study but to suggest it to them at this stage might make them think that I wanted them to do it. Sometimes I just need to write things down to sort through them and as my living memory this blog has served me very well.

I have a passive aggressive personality. I prefer never to be in friction with people and in that way I am passive. However, I like to manage what I am doing and because I am like that I am also aggressive. The mixture works well for me and as I look around I wonder if everyone would benefit from being both passive and aggressive. Passive in how they deal with people and aggressive in their work habits.

Well obviously time to quit for the night! 

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