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Will of Mary Blake, Spinster, Bath, Somerset - The National Archives PROB 11/1464/79, probated 8 Jul 1807

Mary Blake the testatrix is possibly an aunt of John Blake whose will was blogged earlier:


In the will of John Blake, he left his property to his sister Anne for life and then to the Taylor family. The John Blake nephew is likely this John Blake which gives us the name of the father of John, Valentina, Anne and possibly Charles from the writeup on the will of John Blake. This lends more credence to the idea that this is the family of John Blake, apothecary at Bath mentioned in the writeup of Charles Blake in Canadian Bibliography.

William Taylor (brother in law) is still living at this time and she mentions the children of her niece Valentia Taylor and William Taylor namely Anna, Mary, Valentina, Julia and son William.  Anna has married George John Savage at the time that she gave witness as deponent.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 19 Oct 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1464/79
Testator: Mary Blake, Spinster
Place: Bath, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 17 Sep 1790, probated 8 Jul 1807
Condition: 18th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: Mary
[Margin]: Blake

1    This is the last Will
2    and Testament of me Mary Blake of the City of
3    Bath Spinster in the first I will that all my Just
4    debts funeral Expences together with the costs of proving
5    this my will shall be paid and then I give
6    and bequeath to my Nephew John Blake my
7    Silver Coffee pot to my Niece Anna Taylor daughter
8    of Mr William Taylor Bookseller my Silver Writing
9    Stand to Mary Taylor daughter of the said William
10    Taylor my six silver Table spoons my six best
11    Tea Spoons and Tea Tongs my Silver Cream Jug
12    and my pair of plates candlesticks together with all
13    my wearing apparel to Valentina Taylor all the
14    remainder of my Silver plate not hereinbefore disposed
15    of and my China Horn I give to Mrs Mary Horseman
16    of No. 18 Windmill Street West ___tives the Sum of
17    fifty pounds in case she shall be living at the
18    time of my death but in case she shall be then
19    dead then I will and direct that the said fifty pounds
20    shall be equally divided betwixt her Son and
21    daughter and paid to them respectively but in case either
22    of them shall be dead at the decease of their
23    said Mother then the said fifty pounds to be paid
24    to the Survivor his or her Executors or administrators
25    I also give and bequeath to the said Mary horseman
26    my Silver Watch Chain and Seals thereto belonging
27    Item I give to William Taylor Son of the said
28    William Taylor and to his Sister Julia Taylor
29    the Sum of fifty pounds apiece to be by my Executors
30    hereinafter named paid to them on their respectively
31    attaining their respective ages of twenty one years
32    together with the Interest thereof as it is my Will
33    that the same respective Sums shall be placed
34    out at Interest and in the mean time improved
35    to the best advantage Item as to all the rest residue
36    and remainder of my Estate and Effects Estates Goods
37    Chattels and Effects together with my ready money and
38    securities for money not before given or disposed of
39    I do hereby give devise and bequeath to the said
40    John Blake and William Taylor and to the
41    survivor of them his Executors and administrators
42    [Page 2]
43    In Trust for them and the Survivor of them
44    his Executors and administrators to divide the same
45    as near as may be equally betwixt the said
46    Anna Taylor Mary Taylor and Valentina Taylor
47    as Tenants in Common and not as Joint Tenants
48    and to the Survivors and Survivor of them her
49    executors and administrators but in case this
50    could be done amicably to the satisfaction of my
51    said Executors then I will and direct them and
52    the Survivor of them his Executors and admors
53    to convert my said residuary Estate into money and
54    for that purpose to sell all and singular my said
55    my said residuary Estate and Estates Goods Chattels and Effects by auction or
56    otherwise as they in their discretion shall think
57    best and the produce thereof after paying all Expences
58    attendant on such Sale as aforesaid I do hereby
59    direct my said Trustees and the Survivor of them
60    his Executors and administrators to divide the
61    same together with my said residuary ready
62    moneys and Securities for money equally betwixt
63    the said Anna Taylor Mary Taylor and Valentina
64    Taylor and the Survivors and Survivor of them her
65    executors and administrators and I will that the
66    purchaser or purchasers in case of such Sale as
67    aforesaid of any part of my said residuary Estate or
68    Estates shall not be answerable or accountable for
69    the misapplication or nonapplication of his her
70    or their purchase money and the receipt or receipts
71    of my said Executors and the Survivor of them his
72    executors of administrators shall be a full discharge
73    to such purchaser or purchasers for his her or
74    their purchase money respectively Item it is my
75    will and I do hereby direct that my said
76    Trustees and Executors hereinafter named and
77    the Survivor of them his Executors and
78    administrators shall reimburse themselves and himself
79    out of my said Trust Estates all reasonable costs
80    charges and Expences which they may be at or
81    put unto for or by reason of the management
82    thereof or in any wise relating thereunto and
83    that they or either of them shall not be answerable
84    or accountable for the acts or receipts of each
85    other but each for his own acts and receipts
86    only and lastly I do hereby nominate constitute
87    and appoint the said John Blake and William
88    Taylor the elder Executors In trust of this my
89    last Will and Testament contained in three sides
90    of three sheets of paper to the two first sides
91    whereof I have set my hand and to this
92    third and last my hand and Seal this
93    seventeenth day of September in the year of
    [Page 3]
94    our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety
95    Mary Blake Signed sealed published and declared
96    by the said Testatrix Mary Blake as and for her last
97    Will and Testament in the presence of us who in
98    her presence and in the presence of each other and
99    at her request have subscribed our Names as
100    witnesses Zachary Bayly Tolocombe neer Bater 1790
101    Thos Tuppen Clerk to Mr Bayly
102    Whereas I Mary Blake of Bath in the
103    County of Somerset Spinster have made and duly executed
104    my last Will and Testament in Writing as before
105    mentioned I do hereby declare this present writing to be
106    a Codicil to my said Will and I do direct the same to be annexed to Hereto I give and bequeath to my worthy friend
107    Mary Southwood of Dunster forty pounds as an
108    acknowledgement for her goodness given me in my
109    late Ilness I likewise give to my Nephew John
110    Blake forty pounds I likewise give to Anna Blake his
111    sister forty pounds I likewise give to Julia Rougge
112    my diamond Mourning Ring if I die in Bath its
113    my desire to be buried in the Vault at Saint James’s
114    as near my dear Brother as possible which I beg my
115    nephew the only trust now living to see executed
116    and I do hereby ratify my said Will in all other
117    particulars thereof as witness my hand Mary
118    Blake August 24 1795
119    In addition to the above I revoke the Sum of forty
120    pounds left to Mary Southwood and leave her only
121    twenty pounds and I bequeath my Nephew John
122    Blake Sixty pounds added to the forty above making in
123    the whole one hundred pounds Mary Blake Oct[obe]r 25
124    1805 The additional Codicil was made October twenty
125    fifth one thousand eight hundred and five and
126    to which I am Witness Anna Savage
127    in the prerogative Court of Canterbury
128    in the Goods of Mary Blake Spinster deceased
129    appeared this twenty fifth day of June 1807
130    Anna Savage Wife of John Savage of the Parish
131    of Bathwick in the County of Somerset Bookseller and
132    Mary Taylor of the City of Bath Spinster and made
133    oath that they know and were well acquainted with
134    Mary Blake late of the City of Bath Spinster for
135    several years before and until her death and also
136    with her manner and Character of handwriting and
137    subscription having frequently seen her write and
138    also write and subscribe her name and these deponents
139    having attentively observed the paper writing hereunto
140    annexed the same being attached to the last will
    [Page 4]
141    and Testament of the said deceased and purporting
142    to be and contain a Codicil thereto beginning thus
143    “Whereas I Mary Blake of Bath in the County of
144    Somerset Spinster” ending thus “ as witness my hand
145    Mary Blake August twenty fourth 1795 and likewise
146    having observed the subscription Mary Blake written
147    under and additional Codicil to the said Will and
148    appearing written under the aforementioned Codicil
149    severally say that the whole series and contents of
150    the first mentioned Codicil beginning ending and
151    subscribed as aforesaid as well as well the subscription
152    of the additional Codicil aforesaid are of the
153    proper handwriting and subscription of the said
154    Mary Blake Spinster deceased Anna Savage
155    Mary Taylor Same day the said Ann Savage
156    and Mary Taylor were duly sworn to the truth
157    of this affidavit before me William Marshall
158    Commissioner
159    This Will was proved at London
160    with two Codicils on the eighth day of July in the
161    year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
162    seven before the Right honorable Sir William
163    Wynne Knight doctor of Laws Master keeper or
164    Commissary of the prerogative Court of Canterbury
165    lawfully constituted by the Oath of John Blake the
166    nephew of the deceased and the surviving Executor
167    named in the said Will to whom administration was
168    granted of all and singular the Goods Chattels and
169    Credits of the said deceased having been first
170    sworn by Commission duly to administer

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