Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Corrections to Posts

I was entering my will names into the Probate Index Excel file which I submit to the Guild of One Name Studies and discovered a few errors here and there so have gone back in and corrected the various items. Sometimes I just had it wrong in the discussion! Must have been doing this in my sleep and other times my formatting was off a bit.

Busy times with garden cleanup and a couple of personal items.

First covering of light snow this morning. Winter has returned and with it the shorter days that let me transcribe more readily. I do want to get back to the fiche transcription as well.

I am so behind on my emails and wish I could keep up with everything but want to continue forging ahead with the wills. Once they are completed I can look at the Blake family in the various areas with a more skillful eye as I work through the census and BMDs that are available online.

I have decided not to come up past 1950 at the most as that means I am looking at people still living although over 60 years of age. I would not be putting such information online but it lets me connect backwards if I actually do put this material together that can be found in the BMDs in England.

How to look at the Blake family in Ireland? I have had a boost on that with one of the yDNA testers in the Blake project. He descends from the Galway Blake line and already has a research group looking at their genealogy. This is a real bonus to all Irish descendants as they could test their yDNA and see if their research is taking them in the right direction. Thank you to him. Much appreciated.

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