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Will of Robert Blake, Gentleman, Ash Prior, Somerset - The National Archives PROB 11/804/495, probated 29 Nov 1753

The testator is the Robert Blake baptized 24 May 1710 at Ash Prior the son of John and Sarah Blake. He is also the brother of Joseph Blake whose will was blogged:

Their sister Betty married Richard Cridland and the Cridland family is mentioned in the will below. Also Susannah his sister who is 17 years younger than he is and in 1752 when the will is written is only 25 years of age and the need to provide her with the money from his father’s will has resulted in his taking out a mortgage. Robert is then 42 years of age so was 37 when his first son was born. Baptism of Robert Blake son of Robert and Elizabeth Blake 21 Jan 1747 at Ash Prior, Somerset. Baptism of John Blake son of Robert and Elizabeth Blake 12 Nov 1752 at Ash Prior, Somerset.

The parents of Robert the testator and Joseph his brother along with the other children baptized to this couple Mary 17 Jan 1706; buried 15 Nov 1722, Betty 22 Feb 1714, Anne 12 Jul 1717, Sarah 2 May 1720 and Susannah 11 Feb 1727 were John Blake and Sarah Uppam (of Ash Prior) and they were married 15 Jan 1705 at Bicknoller (5 miles west of Overstowey). Unfortunately nothing is known of this John. Was he related to the family at Overstowey (Bicknoller is just 5 miles from Overstowey).

There is a webpage with the poor law rate for 1659, 1688, 1693, 1705, 1717, 1718, 1771, 1787 and 1819:

Blake entries include:
1771 Mr John Blake late Dobels
1771 Thos Blake Williamses
1787 Mr Blake for Woolson
1787 Mr Blake for Dobles
1819 Joan Blake at Woolston (for herself)
1819 George Blake (Wm Sully owner) Bottom at ?

Perhaps that answers my question somewhat as there are no entries for Blake at Bicknoller before 1771. Why did John Blake and Sarah Uppam marry at Bicknoller? A mystery.

Another interesting comment that John Blake of Lower Weacombe (near Bicknoller) by will dated 1716 left £100 to provide clothing for the poor. This is a will that would have been most interesting but is not the will of John Blake married to Sarah Uppam. I wonder if this will still exists in some form since it is mentioned in British history online:

Bicknoller is part of the larger parish of Stogumber. We know that Richard Blake married to Grace Napcot had property at Stogumber and they had two sons John and Richard. Richard left his will which was probated in 1666 and he was married to Ann Jessop; blogged:

This John died in 1716 and the last child of John and Sarah Blake was born/baptized in 1727 (Susannah) so not the correct John for this family.

Working through now and going back to the will of Robert Blake yeoman of Halse as this family in the will below also has property at Halse:

is the John son of Robert in this will the father of this Robert? Once I get all these wills done then I will start to enter all the material into Legacy and see if I can find any linkages back to the Humphrey Blake family at Overstowey.

I am beginning to wonder if my information gathering is getting too huge for me to keep it all straight in my mind. I think I am reaching that point but would like to finish Somerset before I start to bring these wills together in a more rigorous fashion.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 28 Oct 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/804/495
Testator: Robert Blake, Gentleman
Place: Ash Prior, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 4 Feb 1752, probated 29 Nov 1753
Condition: 18th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: Robert
[Margin]: Blake

1    In the Name of God Amen
2    I Robert Blake of Ash Pryors in the County of Sommerset
3    Gent do this fourth day of February One Thousand Seven
4    hundred fifty and two make this my last Will and Testament
5    as followeth Imprimis I Give devise and bequeath unto my
6    Good Friends John Fraunces of Coombflorey in the County aforesaid
7    Esquire and Tho: Cridland of the same place and county Gentleman
8    and to the survivor of them and to the heirs and Executors
9    of Such Survivor all my Lands Tenements and hereditaments
10    Both real and personal situate lying and being in the parishes
11    of Ash Pryors Halse Storgursey and Stowey and also all that
    [Page 2]
12    Estate which I lately purchased of the Bishop of Bath and Wells lying
13    and being in the parish of Huish all which lands and Tenements are in
14    the County aforesaid and all Such as are in any other place whatsoever
15    and all my estate and interest therein Subject however to the Sum of
16    Nine hundred and thirty pounds and to Mr Cridland of Coombflorey Sen[io]r
17    on a Mortgage to him of all my Estates Real and personal in the parish
18    of Halse in the County aforesaid which Sum of Nine hundred and thirty
19    pounds I borrowed of him the said Mr Cridland as well to pay my said
20    Sister Susanna Blake her portion as also to purchase two lives of the
21    Bishop of Bath and Wells on my Estate at Huish and my Will is
22    that my Sister Susannah be paid her portion of Five hundred
23    pounds at the end of Six Months from the date of the notice I Gave
24    her of the payment of it which will be on the 25th of July next there
25    being in the hands of Mr Cridland five hundred pounds part of
26    the Mortgage Moneys for that purpose as will appear by a
27    declaration of his in my custody and also Subject to the payment
28    of all other my just debts and Legacies and I do hereby charge
29    all my Lands Tenements personal Estate and hereditaments with
30    the payment of the same Upon Trust nevertheless that the said
31    John Fraunceis and Tho: Cridland and the Survivor of them do
32    receive the rents and profits thereof and pay out of the same
33    unto my Wife Elizabeth the Sum of Forty pounds per annum
34    by quarterly payments during her natural Life On Condition
35    however that my said Wife doth relinquish her right and title
36    to all dower of Such Lands as She is dowable of which right if
37    she refuses to relinquish then and in such case my Will is that
38    the above charge of Forty pounds per annum payable to my Wife
39    and all other Sums hereinafter mentioned to be payable to her
40    shall be absolutely void nor Shall She have any benefit thereof
41    and also allow my Son Robert Blake for his education and
42    maintenance as much as they my Trustees shall think fit
43    until he arrives to the age of twenty One and when he attains
44    that age then my Trustees to be seized of all my before
45    mentioned Lands Tenements personal Estate and hereditaments
46    to the use of my said Son Robert and the heirs Male of
47    his Body lawfully begotten and for want of heirs Males of
48    his Body so begotten then to the issue Female of his Body
49    lawfully begotten and for want of such issue then to my
50    Trustees and to the Survivor of them and to the heirs and
51    Executors of Such Survivor Upon Trust that they permit my
52    Brother Joseph Blake to receive the rents and profits of all
53    my above mentioned Estates for and during the Term of Ninety and
54    nine years or for Such part of the Term as Shall run out in
55    his life time and from and after the Term aforesaid or Such
56    number of years as Shall expire in his life time then to my
57    Trustees aforesaid the Survivor of them the heirs and Executors
58    of Such Survivor to be Seized to the use of the heirs Males of the
59    Body of my said Brother lawfully begotten and for want of
60    heirs Males to the issue Female of my Said Brother lawfully
61    begotten and if he dies leaving no issue behind him then my Said
62    Trustees and the Survivor of them to be Seized to the use of the said John
63    Cridland and Richard Cridland Sons of Richard Cridland of Milverton
    [Page 3]
64    Gent their heirs Executors and Assigns forever not as joint Tenants but
65    as Tenants in Common but my intention and Will is that if my Wife
66    happens to be with Child at the time of my death that Such Child shall if my
67    Son Robert dyes without issue inherit all my before mentioned Lands
68    Tenements personal Estate and hereditaments in the same manner and
69    with the same Limitations as my son Robert Blake is to inherit by this
70    Will and I do hereby give Such Child with which my Wife shall be
71    ensient at the time of my death Five hundred pounds to be paid
72    when Such Child Shall attain the age of Twenty One as also twenty
73    pounds per annum to be paid Quarterly for its maintenance and
74    education which Sum of Five hundred pounds and also Twenty pounds
75    per annum my Said Trustees and the Survivor of them are to raise out
76    of my Estates before mentioned by Sale Mortgage Lease or otherwise
77    but if my Wife is not with Child at the time of my death then my
78    Will is that Ten pounds per annum more to be added to the Forty pounds
79    before directed to be paid to my Wife making in the whole Fifty pounds
80    which sum my Trustees are to pay her Quarterly as long as she lives
81    and if my Said Son Robert Blake shall happen to dye without issue
82    and living his Mother than then and from that period of time my
83    Will is that Ten pounds per annum more be added to the Fifty pounds
84    above mentioned making in all Sixty pounds which Sum my
85    Trustees and the Survivor of them are to pay in manner and form
86    aforesaid and in case the Sum of Sixty pounds or any part thereof
87    Shall be behind and unpaid by the Space of two Months is Shall
88    be lawful for my said Wife Elizabeth to enter on such part of
89    my Lands and Tenements as I can charge with the payment
90    of the said Sixty pounds and take them into her own possession
91    until the said Sum of Sixty pounds or any part thereof be
92    satisfied and paid and I do will that my Wife shall have the
93    Great Parlour hall and Little parlour of my house with Chamber
94    over and also the best Garden and Green Courts until my
95    Son Robert comes to the age of Twenty One and I do hereby
96    devise the Guardianship of my Son to my Trustees and the
97    Survivor of them and I do hereby charge all my Real
98    and Personal Estate for the indemnification of my Trustees
99    from all charges they or either of them may be put to in the
100    execution of the Trust hereby reposed in them and I do also will
101    that my Quick and dead Stock be Sold by my Trustees aforesaid
102    whom I make Executors of this my last Will Rob[er]t Blake
103    Signed Sealed published and declared by the said Robert Blake
104    the Testator to be his last Will and Testament in the presence
105    of us who Subscribed our names as Witnesses in the presence of
106    the said Robert Blake and at his request Edward Bryant
107    Upton Manning Rob[er]t Coles
108    Whereas my Son John was not born at the time of
109    making my above Will and thereby no provision was made for
110    him now my Will further is and I do hereby order my Trustees
111    above named to raise the Sum of Six hundred pounds out of any
112    or all the Estates above mentioned by Sale Mortgage or Lease
113    and also the farther Sum of Twenty pounds per Annum the
    [Page 4]
114    Sum of Six hundred pounds to be paid him when he shall attain
115    the age of Twenty One and the said Sum of twenty pounds to be paid
116    him Yearly for his Maintenance and Education until he shall attain
117    that age and then the Sum of Twenty pounds per Annum to cease and
118    in case my Son Robert dies without issue of his Body lawfully
119    Begotten that then my Son John shall inherit all my Real and
120    personal Estates in the Same manner as his Brother was to inherit
121    Rob[er]t Blake Signed Sealed published and declared to be a Codicil
122    to the above Will in the presence of us who subscribed our Names
123    in the Testators presence and at his request Geo: Farewell Edw[ar]d
124    Bryant Upton Manning
125    This Will was proved at London with a Codicil annexed
126    the Twenty Ninth day of November in the year of Our lord One
127    Thousand Seven hundred and fifty three before the Right honourable
128    Sir George Lee Knight doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary
129    of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the
130    Oath of John Fraunceis Esquire and Thomas Cridland the Executors
131    named in the said Will To whom Administration was granted of all and
132    Singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased being first
133    Sworn by Commission duly to administer the same.

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