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Will of Richard Blake, Gentleman, Stogumber, Somerset - The National Archives PROB 11/322/491, probated 15 Dec 1666

Another known collateral line to Admiral Robert Blake, Richard Blake the testator is the grandson of John Blake the elder of Over Stowey (brother to Humphrey Blake of Overstowey). There is a Richard Blake son of Richard Blake of Weacombe baptized 11 Oct 1612 at Bicknoller. A son John Blake is baptized 28 Sep 1617 and a son William both of Richard baptized 5 Sep 1619. This is likely Richard the testator of this will. That would make him 31 years of age when he married and if he died in 1666 when the will was probated he would have been 54 years of age. . Richard married Ann Jessop daughter of Robert Jessop, rector of Kilve, 30 Nov 1643 at Kilve, Somerset. The Portbury Admiral Blake website gives the parents of this Richard as Richard Blake and Grace Napcot who married 29 May 1589 at Over Stowey. However the dates of the baptism are so much later 1612, 1617, and 1619. I do wonder if there is a missing generation. The baptism of Richard married to Grace Napcot is available in the Over Stowey parish records but not available on line as far as I can see. The website mentioned has his baptism as 29 Jan 1562 and his marriage to Grace Napcot as 29 May 1589 at Over Stowey. That would make him 27 at marriage but 50 when his son Richard was born. Now is it possible for there to be a generation in there? If Richard and Grace had a baby in 1589 then that child would be 23 in 1612. So it is not an unreasonable thought.

Relationship Chart

Admiral Robert Blake [101] is the 2nd Cousin of Richard-60 Blake [94]

                             * Humphrey-21 Blake [1]
                                 (Cir 1499-1558)
                                   * Agnis [2]
                                (          -1585)
                                  Married  [1]
                   |                                                                  |
                   |                                                                  |
    * John-27 (the elder) Blake [3]              * Robert-28 Blake [4]
         (Cir 1521-After 1576)                    (Cir 1523-Cir 1592)
              Johan [12]                                    Margaret Symonds [22]
           (          -1595)                                        (          -1600)
         Married Cir 1541 [4]                                     Married  [5]
                   |                                                                 |
                   |                                                                 |
        * Richard-40 Blake [19]                   * Humphry-43 Blake [25]
         (Cir 1562-          )                                      (Cir 1563-1625)
           Grace Napcot [92]                      Sarah Swithers formerly Williams [100]
       Married 29 May 1589 [23]                             (          -1638)
                                                                    Married 5 Oct 1597 [26]
                   |                                                                 |
                   |                                                                 |
        * Richard-60 Blake [94]                   * Admiral Robert Blake [101]
         (          -Cir 1666)                                        (1598-1657)

From the Bicknoller parish registers ( John Blake son of Richard and Ann baptized 26 Dec 1645 and Richard son of Richard and Anne baptized 7 Sep 1648 (of Weacombe, born 23 Aug 1648). Richard was not buried at Bicknoller.

National Archives (UK)
STOGUMBER deeds  DD\BR\py/112  1626-1764
9 docts.

Leases, conveyances, mortgages of various properties, incl. houses and land in Nether Weacombe, belonging originally to the Stallenge family of Laverstock, Wilts., later to the Blakes of Nether Weacombe, 1634-1734, and the Green Dragon Inn, belonging to George Gore, innholder, of Stogumber, 1739-1755. Other families involved: Rowl, Conibere of Stogumber, Wood of Exeter, Gatchell of Monksilver, Graham of Williton, Cridland and Sibley of Combe Florey.

There is a marriage of Richard Blake, gent and Sarah Sealy 19 Aug 1672 at Kilton and this is likely the son of Richard and Anne Blake at Neather Weacombe.

The Chart for the Blake Family held at the Admiral Robert Blake Museum in Bridgwater does not list the descendants of John Blake the elder of Over Stowey.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 25 Oct 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/322/491
Testator: Richard Blake, Gentleman
Place: Stogumber, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 17 Sep 1657, probated 15 Dec 1666
Condition: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: T[estament] Richardj
[Margin]: Blake

1    In the name of God Amen The
2    The seaventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one Thousand
3    six hundred fiftie and seaven I Richard Blake of Nether Weacombe
4    in the parish of Stogumber and County of Somersett gent being
5    weake in body But of good and perfect memory praised be god doe
6    make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and
7    forme following First I commend my soule into the hands of
8    god my maker hopeing assuredly through the only merritts
9    of Jesus Christ my Saviour to be made partaker of life everlasting
10    And alsoe whereas I have by law and good conveyance in the lawe
11    setled and conveyed upon Anne my wife an estate for termes of her
12    life of and in one Capitall messuage dwelling house and outhouses
13    orchards gardens lands meadowes pastures com[m]ons woodes with and
14    all singular the appurtenances in Nether Weacombe aforesaid to the
15    sev[er]al messuage belonging unto my wife appertaining to commence
16    after my decease, now therefore if the said Anne my said wife
17    shall happen to dye before John Blake my eldest sonne and heire
18    shall attayne and accomplish the age of one and twenty yeares my
19    will is and I doe hereby give grant and bequeath unto John
20    Byneham of Stogumber aforenamed Clerke Nicholas Hawkins
21    of the same parish and County yeoman And Nathaniell Jessepp
22    of East Quantoxhead in the County afore named gentleman and unto
23    the survivor of them and unto the executors administrators and assignes
24    of the survivor of them full power and authority for them to receave and
25    Take all the rents issues and proffitts of the foresaid Capitall messuage
26    and all other the premises with the appurtenances until my said sonne shall
27    attayne and accomplish the age of one and Twenty yeares And therewith
28    all shall pay such debts as I doe owe and such Legacies as hereafter in
29    this my last will and Testament shalbee conteyned and Issue forth as
30    the proffitts thereof will extend and after my such debts and Lega-
31    cies shalbe payd my will is That the said rents issues and proffetts there-
32    of shalbe paid unto the said John Blake my said sonne when hee
33    shall accomplish the age of one and Twenty yeares And alsoe I give and
34    bequeath unto Richard Blake my second sonne The somme of five hundred
35    pounds of lawfull money of England to bee paid unto him by the said
36    Anne my wife And by the aforenamed John Bineham Nicholas Haw-
37    kins and Nathaniell Jesope or the survivor of them or the executors
38    administrators or assignes of the survivor of them when hee shall
39    attayne and accomplish the age of three and twenty yeares or before
40    if they shall contracte the somme to be convenient profitable and
41    needfull for him and not otherwise And for the more certaintie and
42    Better inabling of my said wife and of my said Misters John Bineham
43    Nicholas Hawkins Nathaniell Jessop and for the survivor of them and
44    for the executors administrators and assignes of the survivor of them to
45    doe and performe the same And for the arising a convenient somme
46    of money yearely for the educa[t]ion maintenance and Breeding of my
47    said Two sonnes of mee shall require and not otherwise And alsoe
48    for
    [Page 2]
49    for the better and more certayne grounds for the payment and satisfaction
50    of such and true debts and I doe owe unto all persons whatsoever I have by
51    deed of Indenture bearing date with this my last will and Testament un-
52    der my hand and seale given granted and devised unto the said Nicholas
53    Hawkins John Bineham and Nathaniell Jessoppe and to the survivor of
54    them, and to the executors administrators and assignes of the survivor of them
55    Certayne messuages lands and Tenements lying and being within the
56    Parish of Burneham and County aforenamed herein men[t]ioned for the
57    Terme of one hundred yeares as in and by the same rela[t]ion being land
58    nowe at large doth and may appeare And alsoe my will is that the
59    Said Anne Blake my said wife, John Bineham Nicholas Hawkins and
60    Nathaniell Jeesoppe and the survivor of them and the executors adminis-
61    trators and assignes of the survivor of them shall ymmediatly after my decease
62    have hold convey possessed and enioye all other my rents lands and tenements
63    whatsoever and wheresoever not before herein men[t]ioned for and until
64    the said John Blake my said sonne and heire shall attaine unto the age
65    of one and Twenty yeares and the proffitts benefits somme and sommes
66    of money thereof made they shall employ and bestowe in dischargeing of my
67    aforenamed iust and lawe debts and in raising and paying of the aforesaid
68    legacie of five hundred pounds before herein given to Richard Blake
69    aforenamed my second sonne shalbe And that the residue thereof which
70    shall remayne if any shall bee to by them paid unto the said Richard
71    Blake my sonne for the increase of his foresaid por[t]ion or Legacy of five
72    hundred pounds when he shall accomplishe the age of three and twenty
73    yeares And alsoe I doe hereby give and bequeath unto the foresaid Anne
74    Blake my wife the use and occupa[t]ion of all my goods and household stuffe for
75    the Terme of her life And after her decease I give and bequeath the
76    same unto the forenamed John Blake my said sonne And lastly I doe
77    hereby appoint and nominate my deare and loving wife Anne Blake
78    before herein named my executrix of this my last will and Testament
79    And I doe alsoe appoynt and entreate the aforenamed John Bineham
80    Nicholas Hawkins and Nathaniell Jessuppe To be the overseers and Super-
81    visors of this my last will and Testament and for their paynes herein I doe
82    give and bestowe unto each one of them one gold ring with my name
83    Therein engraven or Colt of such a price and value as my executors
84    before herein named in her discre[t]ion shall thinke fit In Testimony
85    whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale The day and yeare be-
86    fore herein men[t]ioned Richard Blake Signed Sealed published and de-
87    clared in the presence of us The marke of Henry Burd Robert Conibeare

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