Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guild of one name studies

Linda Hauley has found that she has to step down as Regional Representative (Canada East) for the Guild of one name studies. When she took up the mantle nearly two years ago when I stepped down as my husband was ill, I really appreciated that. Consequently, I have offered to take on the position once again.

I have a clearer picture these days of how my time can be best utilized and I do have a strong belief in the Guild as a method of working on family lines. That I chose my parent's surnames was a logical choice and I continue to work away on Blake and Pincombe and I have now clearly defined what I see as my legacy to the Blake family name when I decide to step back from that study in the future. I still need to develop that plan for the Pincombe family which took on a very bizarre direction when I started to get results for the yDNA Pincombe study. The earlier Pincombe/Pinkham researchers had linked thse two families together but the results brought in differing results. Persuading my cousins to test is a high priority.

But back to the Guild of one name studies and Regional Representative. I shall try to further the advertisement for the Guild in Canada by publication of articles that pertain to one name studies in some of the genealogical journals read in Eastern Canada. In particular I would like to advertise this guild in Quebec where there are many one name studies already. I need to paint a picture that makes the Guild an advantageous place for these studies and as the Guild becomes more and more international I may be successful in that regard. Penetrating into the Maritimes is another story and not one that I think I can add to very much. But that area of Canada was heavily settled by the British Isles in particular Newfoundland and I think that advertising the Guild in Newfoundland where possible is something I will investigate.

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