Tuesday, November 25, 2008

French Canadian Research

A change from my daily routine of working on my English Research images that I acquired at Salt Lake City was working on French Canadian Research. A very interesting day spent extracting information from ancestry using the Ontario and Quebec Drouin Records. The Quebec Drouin Records are very nicely indexed but the Ontario records are partially indexed. However the major part of the Drouin Records are from Quebec so mostly finished. I also used the Ontario Death, Marriage and Birth Records. I managed to put together the entire line of a family back five generations in just the one day. French Canadian Research is very interesting as you can trace family lines back to the 1600s fairly readily.

I signed up to do Canadian 1916 census on my FamilySearch account and managed to do three pages last evening. The page I did today though will require a bit of tweaking as the handwriting was very poor. I hadn't done anything for a while with all of our traveling but will be able to do some daily now all winter unless we decide to take a trip which often happens quite spontaneously. My husband will find a reference he really wants to see and we are off! None of my research is that accessible on this side of the Atlantic other than the Salt Lake City library but for that I need a lot of preparation. I have already started my next excel file for our visit in September next year.

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