Friday, November 14, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 14 Nov 2008

The Protestation Returns for the part of Devon that interests me is nearing completion. It has been a major transcription task but will let me look at all my family names in the North Devon area in particular my one name study for Pincombe. Having this "census" of all males over 18 for this area is a fabulous tool for the 1641-42 time period. Occasionally there is a female name but only very rarely. By this time in the parish registers the forename of the wife is also included on the baptism. I think that the Church was remarkably ahead of its time with the recording of the mother of the child albeit without the maiden surname but that can often be obtained from the wedding lines.

A request for information on a family line in Bishops Nympton prompted a deviation from my avid transcription yesterday. Looking at the Tapp family caused me to look once again at my Blackmoore family connection there. I decided to extract all the Blackmoore family members from the register up to 1660. Although Thomas mentions the Pincombe family in his will, I rather think now that concluding that his daughter married a Pincombe is premature. His brother Anthony has a daughter Johane baptized in 1737 that is a more likely candidate for the wedding in 1655 of John Pincombe and Johan Blackemoore because Anthony died just a couple of months before and Johane was his only daughter still living. Her two brothers would have been 20 and 10 years old at that time. I had stepped away from this marriage because John was baptized in 1622 and thus 15 years older. That actually clears up a confusion in this line although John and Jane did not name a son Anthony - they chose William, John, Thomas and Hugh as the names of their sons. There were three children named Anthony Blackemoore born in this time period so that is perhaps the reason for not choosing Anthony.

Revised my webpage to bring the list of names to the top of the page since it will be expanded and it is the prominent item on my webpage. I expect to add another ten in the next couple of weeks. The trip to Salt Lake City provided me with a lot of female surnames. As these are usually the most difficult to obtain it will greatly improve my ability to prove all my people at the 4x great grandparent level. A task I shall begin once I have transcribed all my documents from Salt Lake City.

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