Saturday, November 22, 2008

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 21 Nov 2008

I completed the transcription for the Protestation Returns for Lanercost and I am now in proofreading mode. I have three entries that are somewhat curious but for the most part the transcription went very well. I will share this with the Routledge/Nixon/Hetherington/Foster/ study group. We have been working together for about two years now and the latest accumulation of data (Land Tax Assessments) has been most interesting in letting me look at my Oakshaw Routledge family. This is a family that dominated the area known as Oakshaw and included Parkhead, Flatt, Raw, Broderrigg and a few other places. My own direct line - Thomas Routledge and Elizabeth Routledge (both descendants of the Oakshaw Routledge family) emigrated to Canada in 1818 with their nine children, son in law and two grandsons. We still do not know if they came as a group but when they arrived they received land from Colonel Talbot in London Township. My 2x great grandmother would have been 14 years old when she arrived. I will continue the transcription of the Protestation Returns for Eskdale Ward since it will help other members of the group. I am primarily interested in Bewcastle (I already have this transcription from the Carlisle Record Office), Lanercost, Farlam, and Arthuret. Thomas and Elizabeth were second cousins once removed. My other names in Cumberland are Tweddle, Story, Robson and Bushby thus far. All the rest appear to be Routledge and the Oakshaw family were known for marrying first, second and third cousins thus keeping all of their properties in the family.

My other project yesterday was to work on my Hampshire webpages and I have two new Church photographs to put up but the server is being upgraded this weekend so will have to wait until next week. I have a number of pictures that we took at Upper Clatford, Abbots Ann, and Goodworth Clatford that I will add as well. I would like to start adding to the pages of Genuki Hampshire but at the moment the site really works very well and the OPC site is growing quickly. The Knight family has done a really terrific job of setting this up and my little bit of advertisement on Genuki at least gives it another avenue for people to see it, add to it and use it. I did the Knights Enham records and I am working on Abbotts Ann and it is truly a labour of love as the old records are very very difficult to read.

Today we have company to look at our slides from England - these are whittled down to just 1200 but we have maintained the daily integrity so that we can just pass by days that they have seen and do not want to repeat. We will do hors d'oeuvres around 4:00 and I am going to make mini Shepherd's pie, cheese baking powder biscuits and a salad tray with dip just to give it an English flair. For dinner, a sirloin tip roast of beef, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and green beans with a chicken soup to start. Red wine from Niagara will complete the main course with condiments of pickled beets and sweet and sour pickles. For dessert we will have pound cake (300 grams of butter, 5 eggs, 600 mls of sugar and 700 mls of flour), pumpkin custard, and liqueur. Then tea or coffee as we watch the last of the slides. We have owed this dinner invitation for about two years! Somehow genealogy has completely dominated our lives and we spend hours and hours each day working on our family lines plus doing the group work that keeps genealogy publication moving along.

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