Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bishops Nympton Census - 24 March 2009

I continued on with the Bishops Nympton Census for 1891 and completed to the end of page 12 Enumeration District 3. Farms continue to become larger and the smaller farms are disappearing. There are more and more agricultural labourers (sons of farmers).

I set up a Hampshire County - England DNA Project at FT DNA. I think it will be an interesting project and I have put my brother's results in and I will do them by community if possible - ours is Andover in the 1400s which is the furtherest back that we are able to go in our y DNA line.

Tomorrow I will continue to work on the 1891 census and advertise the new Hampshire County and Devon County DNA projects. I think these will be quite exciting if enough people sign up. Both counties have very very old neolithic histories and in the case of my line in Hampshire I can trace my paternal line back to the late 1400s at Andover. My King line goes back before 1500 at Upper Clatford and a number of other lines appear to be equally old in this general area around Andover.

I find the Devon project exciting because my Pincombe family was there from 1485 on, the Rowcliffe family is quite ancient in this county as well as the Blackmoore, Allen, Tapp, Manning, Vicary and others.

I had been contemplating such a project for awhile but the tone of the DNA lists these days is geographic location and what better way to look at the geography of family lines than to do it by County and especially England as the proportion of people whose ancestry traces back to England in DNA projects is quite large. I will also do separate charting from FT DNA in case people from other DNA projects particularly in the UK want to join. I have tested my brothers yDNA at Ethnoancestry as well as FT DNA.

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