Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cold Virus

Another day with the cold virus and I am beginning to think I am finally on the upswing for this virus - it certainly was a nasty one. I will be a couple more days before I am talking again :)

However, I did manage to get a little work done. I completed ED 4 for Bishops Nympton and started ED 5 with the first three pages completed (six pages to go). Then the Census for 1891 will be complete and I will then do 1901 plus look up the names as I transcribe on the 1911 census database and extract the ones that are in Bishops Nympton. I have already collected 100 names from just the first four pages of the 1901 census so suspect I will do quite well although the changes in the village are becoming are larger percentage in each census with people moving about.

I joined Twitter today and added it to my Blog. I shall see what I think of that.

I also spent some time when the headache was bad extracting Siderfin entries from the GRO index and have now completed all births from 1911 to 2005. I also extracted the marriages and the burials up to 2005 so I am starting to have a very complete record of all the Siderfin family members in England. Since very few have emigrated that should work quite well. Eventually I want to compose a letter to write to the direct male descendants to see if I can find two individuals to test their yDNA for my One Name Study Siderfin DNA Project. By the time I get to that I should have saved up enough money to pay for two. I couldn't even chance a guess as to their likely haplogroup but family lore has them being early religious emigrees who fled to England very early on as they can be found in the early 1500s in Somerset and early family lore has then in south Devon in the late 1400s. The possibility of them being Frisian has crossed my mind. Certainly DNA testing would reveal that about this family. The name itself is very distinctive.

Tomorrow I shall continue with the Census of Bishops Nympton. My goal is to complete the census by the end of this next week. My cold has caused me to lose quite a bit of working time as I am resting. It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of March.

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