Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today was a housekeeping day as I backed up all of my files - 3 different places! Plus we cleaned the house - also an essential happening. I also worked on my Income Tax - a first run at it. This will be the last year for my business. I do not want to sell historical CDs any longer. The effort of keeping the books, invoicing etc is more than it is worth actually. Canadian Genealogy Centre is going to put the Carleton Index online on their website which is great. Although I was named as Editor of the project, the entry and proofreading was by students hired via a Canada Job grant that John Ruch and I managed to obtain. It was very effective and the entire database was completed in just eighteen months time. The UEL has been selling the CDs of the database (my husband organized that) for the last fifteen years but demand has certainly diminished and it is time now to have it up on the Canadian Genealogy website where it is readily available as the records have been maintained by Library and Archives Canada all of these years.

Tomorrow I shall work on my DNA talk. I need to decide which sets of data to use. I have some new and interesting families to look at and some additional material on existing studies. It is just 25 minutes so not a lot will be covered.

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