Sunday, April 26, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 5

Continuing on the Andover Parish Registers and still working on baptisms. I have reached July 1606 and there are 933 baptisms. The pages are in much better shape and I am not missing parts of them! Lots of good genealogical material there for me as I will fill in the baptisms for the Blake families there since I have now entered a number of the lines into my family tree. The Blake family is just too large to do a one name study at least that is my thought at the moment.

I finished constructing the giant family tree of the Blake family at Eastontown/Knights Enham/Andover in the 1500s and part way into the 1600s. There was just so much detail provided that I had to draw the tree. I have found the ancestry for the Blake / Blake marriages including one in my line. It makes the will easier to read when you can look at all these cousins (on both sides) that are Blake. I had thought that the Robert Blake separated out much earlier from the Nicholas line at Andover but his grandson Richard married Jone (Joane) Blake and this brings the two sides back together again. Interesting having two Blake lines!

I think I will persevere with the Andover Parish Registers the first set of three fiche cover the period from 1587 - 1634 for baptisms, marriages and burials. Instead of moving to marriages after 20 years (I am nearly there now) I shall keep on extracting the baptisms to 1634 and then do the marriages and then the burials. I expect it will take me a couple of months. Then I can move on to the next set of fiche (which is the 2nd register).

An interesting comment on the R1b-U106 list. My husband's yDNA results match the Lichenstein Cave results for an R1b male dated about 3000 years ago. Since he can trace on paper and with his DNA match the Kip emigrant to New Amsterdam/New York in 1635 and this line has been traced back to Rulof de Kype who lived at Alencon Bretagne France - the match is extremely interesting. However, it is only 12 markers. It would have been interesting if DYS 426 had been tested as his family line has the rare 13 value. That would have made one wonder if this was a fairly direct line back and imagine knowing where your ancestor was 3000 years ago!

Time to quit for the night. I spend a lot of hours transcribing but we take a lot of breaks. We had a 17 kilometre bike ride yesterday and today about a 5km walk. I think as spring has arrived my illness of the fall into the new year may be lifting now. The warm sun brings a glow to one's heart that is for sure.

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