Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 7

Andover Parish Registers continued to be my focus and I have completed to November 1617 and there are now 1456 baptisms in the Andover Parish Registers. I can separate out most of the Blake lines in this time period but I have one conflict with two John Blake fathers which I shall have to see if I can resolve with the wills. This is a time of several Blake families attending the Parish Church at Andover and baptizing their children. I thought I would find more of the baptisms for the daughters of Richard's children but not thus far. I have 39 pages of baptisms completed with 39 remaining - half way through Register 1!

I also proofread the Poor Law Rate files that I had produced for Andover a week or so ago. I extracted all the Blake entries and sent them on to the person with whom I am working. I need to convert my excel file to a word document for her and send it on.

The editor of the Cumbria Journal wrote to ask me to check over the Lanercost Protestation Returns as she has decided to publish them. I added a preamble and the text that is included on the Returns. I hope that people find it valuable and it will be about two pages in total. I decided to use only my name and take full responsibility for the transcription. That seemed like the appropriate way. I also mentioned that I had transcribed the rest of Eskdale Ward if any of the readers want to contact me.

I babysat the dogs today and they were good. We spent a lot of the early day inside because it was raining but then we were outside for awhile. They certainly love running up and down the yard. The baby is growing up fast and will soon be an adult dog. The older dog has established himself as the leader although he is about one third the size of the other dog. The other dog looks to him for "advice."

Tomorrow I will continue with the Parish Registers. I also want to get started proofreading some other items. Also, I want to update my Genuki webpages with some of the information that has been flowing in the past couple of weeks.

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