Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catch up

I spent yesterday catching up on various items and answering a lot of email requests. I had accumulated four for Bishops Nympton (along with two that require more effort) and so I responded to them. In general the requests are quite straightforward and people ask for small amounts of information but on occasion the request is very large and it takes me time to go in and pull out the information. Or they ask for you to basically do their history for a couple of generations which I usually do not do unless it is my line in which case I am able to oblige. Several times lately I have had people write and the very nice day go to the Devon list and complain that they didn't have an answer. People ask to much of volunteers I rather think and I always strongly suggest that they could find more answers if they did some volunteering but generally get the answer I work full time to which I can respond quite gleefully so did I when I did my 20,000 entries on Free BMD!

I need to spend some time today deciding which part of the Salt Lake City I will return to as I was working on Devon items when I decided to go back and do all the Bishops Nympton records before proceeding any further. It is good to have them done and I now need to create my excel database of the Parish Register document file. Having a verbatim translation of the entire registers will always be very handy though in the future.

We went out for a walk between rains and our colds are definitely on the mend.

We were scooped for our T study in that a group from The Netherlands has published an entire phylogenetic tree which includes a very well broken down T group. I examined the mutations and their working database must have been huge although they only mention GenBank and published papers. It denotes me as H11a1 which was the postulated name that I sent in for my haplogroup. Looking at it more intently though it isn't actually my sample that was used and I have one more mutation so I become H11a1a or something like that. Fascinating stuff DNA studies and being able to pinpoint my geographic location as Argyll Scotland is a real plus given that I am brickwalled in The Midlands of England. I now have another match where the individual is able to trace back her female line to Manchester in the 1840s and prior to that Carlisle Cumberland in the early 1800s with a birth in Scotland (no details) prior to that. I need to find the submitter of that information to the IGI and will be looking for that to write to them - located now in Utah. Perhaps I can drum up an interest in testing the FGS to see if we match. Definitely I have no ideas on my female ancestor past a couple of hundred years.

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