Saturday, April 4, 2009

DNA Research

Again I worked on the DNA studies that I share with others and do myself. Certainly this is yet another tool in the basket of genealogists but one shouldn't depend totally on this information either as people could and did move about a surprising amount. Looking at deep ancestry though is possible but surprising.

Today is going to be another rainy one here and I want to continue working on scanning books into our database as well as decide what records to begin working on from our trip to Salt Lake City last November. Hard to believe that it was six months ago now. The time has absolutely fled by and to think that at the time we contemplated returning there in September 2009. Not possible as I shall not have gotten through all the material by then and that doesn't include compiling it and drawing out the sections that contemplate my family tree. I also want to do more work on my one name studies material that I collected there. I need to continue inputting the previous studies that I inherited for the Pincombe project. I drew out a lot of Siderfin material when I was ill these past couple of weeks that I can incorporate into the Siderfin study. I would love to find a Siderfin family member who would test for the line (actually two as I have one line of Siderfin that I am linking back to the Siderfin family at Selworthy although they do not have a definitive link back to Thomas (younger brother of my Elizabeth)). It would appear logical this is the same Thomas but something more concrete would be nice.

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