Friday, April 3, 2009

DNA studies

I spent most of yesterday working on updating my various DNA studies that I do either by myself or in a group. The latest phylogenetic chart which was published is quite interesting and I am sure the academic world is now reviewing it with regard to their bank of data. The struggle to reach back and understand time is quite fascinating. I have three perfect coding matches with my mtDNA but I have two mutations in the control region that they do not have and they have two that I do not have. Since these matches are in Ossetia it would appear that we are separated by thousands of years which is most interesting and adds more thought to my hypothesis that my ancestors left the Ukraina Refuge likely as the ice retreated and made their trek across to Scotland via the grassy plain that is now the North Sea. Quite fascinating to contemplate but a recent match HVRI and HVRII with a female line that descends from Scotland traveling to Carlisle cumberland and then Manchester Lancashire before emigrating to Utah is quite fascinating. My own line is brickwalled in the Midlands of England.

I am still contemplating where to begin once again with my data that I brought back from Salt Lake City and will make a decision on that today. I want to have a good deal of this work transcribed by the end of the summer. Then I can return to my fiche that I have purchased in the last year and begin transcription of that material. My tree doesn't grow too much any more but not surprising given that I am working back at the 4x great grandparent level. The progress back will be much slower.

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