Sunday, April 12, 2009

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 12 April 2009

Today was an incredibly busy day as we prepared for Easter Dinner and enjoyed our "grand" dogs when our daughter arrived mid afternoon. She took her dog for a 2 k run with her and we took the older dog for a walk around the block. I had already prepared the beans (they were in the crock pot) and so then I prepared the scalloped potatoes and then the salad (stored in the refrigerator so that it would be really crisp). Then finally the ham went in and I prepared the cheese tea biscuits for cooking. Then I put the fruit tray together (to go with the chocolate cake for my husband's birthday) and we were more or less ready. I ran in and out with the dogs in between as they love to play in the back yard and when our daughter's partner arrived from work we had a lovely Easter dinner.

I remembered that I needed to complete the story of researching at Salt Lake City for the Ottawa Journal so that became my focus for work today. Plus I wrote up the Easter Blessing for the Anglican internet list. It turned out very well. I was quite pleased.

Dinner was lovely and all ready on time. The boys got to watch the end of the golfing tournament in between courses so really worked very very well. The dogs had some good runs in the back yard. Tonight I am beat so I haven't accomplished a thing!

Had a request for Siderfin information on my ancestry account and so I responded to that one. Interestingly it was one of Augustine's descendants and I am still working on the descent for my line which I strongly suspect will also come down from Augustine's line after all.

Tomorrow I shall complete the story on searching at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and continue with transcribing my images. I expect the day will proceed very quickly. I also need to get my hair cut.

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