Friday, April 17, 2009

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 17 April 2008

I continued transcribing the Poor Law Rate records for Andover and discovered that they cover about nine years only. Occasionally the name of the property is mentioned but not usually. It will provide me with an interesting list of the people who owned property at Andover.

Since the names in Andover are not overly familiar to me, I decided it is time to start extracting the parish records for Andover. They begin in 1588 with baptisms on the first fiche. I managed to do the first three images on the first row. It will be slow going until I get used to the names. The pages are very poor (missing large sections and the copy is poorly written. I know that further on these registers are incredibly good so will keep remembering that as I work forward.

Tomorrow I shall continue transcribing the parish registers for Andover. It will take me a very very long time as there are a couple of hundred fiche with 60 pages to a fiche. Mainly I am interested in the earliest years to 1730 although I will likely transcribe them all eventually. I want to start to organize my days around particular items I would like to accomplish and I think I will use my calendar to do that online. Perhaps I can get it to ring when I should be changing just as a prompter. I want to continue extracting information from the images I brought back from Salt Lake City but I need to become familiar with particular areas in order to do that efficiently.

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