Sunday, April 19, 2009

Results of Research at Salt Lake City - 19 April 2008

I continued working on the Blake records and reviewed all the evidence that I now have for the wife of Richard Blake. Using her will abstract prepared by another researcher, it is obvious that she is the daughter of Robert Blake of Knights Enham and her name is Joan Blake. Her will is dated 1631. Her husband died by 1622.

I decided the best approach for me was to transcribe the parish registers for Andover. It will be a lengthy task over many years but the initial 60 years are going to be very valuable for my understanding the Blake family at Andover (includes Eastontown, Knights Enham, Penton Mewsey, Upper Clatford, Wherwell and Charlton).

I found the will for Joan Blake on the Hampshire Record Office site and will order that tomorrow as a digital image along with two other Blake wills. Although I have a draft of the transcription I would like to see the original since I have revised my webpage removing the reference to Joana Noyse. Richard's will had referred to his brother in law Peter Noyse; I will investigate this as I move through the registers but definitely his wife was Joan Blake.

We spent the afternoon with the dogs and they were happy to see us. It meant no work though! We did get a 10 K bike ride in though which was most pleasant.

Tomorrow another day of transcribing and I shall continue with the Andover records. I would like to get familiar with the names so that I can proofread the poor law rate transcriptions that I did from the material I brought back from Salt Lake City.

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