Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday my day was somewhat dominated by babysitting the "grand" dogs and doing the 10K in the Ottawa Race Weekend. Both were successful. The boys were especially good yesterday and we all enjoyed a barbeque at the end of the day - the dogs especially enjoying their portion of beef!

I also worked on the marriage register for Andover and completed up to the end of 1608. This part of the register is quite eaten away unfortunately but none the less I was able to extract information that will be handy. There were several Blake marriages that are in my line including William Blake marrying Dorothy Magick (Madgewick), his sister Dorothy marrying Peter Burmingham, his sister Elizabeth marrying John Hopgood and his sister Joane Blake marrying Richard Bailie. It is amazing really finding all four of these marriages intact! The remainder of his siblings who married were between 1610 and 1620.

Today I shall continue with the marriages and I am starting into the very nicely written part of the register although parts continue to be chewed away. I can see at a quick glance the marriage of William's sister Elenor to Joseph Hinxman.

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