Saturday, May 2, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 10

I continued with the Andover Parish Registers for another day along with a whole lot of shopping that took me away from looking at any other material. I have now completed up to July of 1628 and that is a total of 2100 baptisms. I continue to find interesting comments that are helpful - the priest is naming the location for some of the baptisms and often enough they are for the Blake family. Separating these lines is the way forward for me looking at this family. I still have a lot of transcription to do which includes Upper Clatford where my direct line Blake ancestors are found after 1757. I know that the Blake family of Andover was also there before 1700 and that Peter Blake younger brother to William (b 1615) was at Upper Clatford. It will be interesting sorting it all out. The Manor papers for Upper clatford list a John Blake in the 1500s.

Our shopping list was long today and we spent nearly four hours shopping in total. We are finding the JAG series (television) to be most interesting and we are trying to find Season 6 for sale (we have Seasons 1 - 5). It is very well done and tends to have absolutely fabulous scenery.

Tomorrow I shall continue to work on the Andover Registers. I would like to complete the baptisms in the next couple of days and then I shall set it aside for a couple of weeks before I work on the marriages and burials. I have a number of other items that I need to work on. That includes my latin lessons. I am behind in them and really need to improve my latin skills so that I can read some of these old documents that I brought back from Salt Lake City. That will be my next pursuit.

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