Monday, May 4, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 11

Today I was back transcribing the Andover Parish Registers and I completed up to September 1631 which is a total of 2320 baptisms. There are six pages left to complete the baptisms in the first register. It has been a worthwhile venture to transcribe these records as the priest has (in almost all cases) put the place of residence in the baptism of Blake children. I have five locations in total - Eastontown, Knights Enham, Enham Regis, Woodhouse and Andover. I have a good idea of who lives at each place through the 1500s and 1600s but they often have the same forename so having the children identified to location is an absolute necessity. There are 38 baptisms for Blake thus far.

Today was laundry day and we have now hung our clothes on the line outside for six weeks. We like to hang them out anyway but it is good to be conserving the electricity.

Other than that my accomplishments were low today although we did go for a 10K bike ride. Need to add that onto my total for virtually walking across Canada and I am still in British Columbia but I am getting closer and closer to the Alberta border. Perhaps I will reach it by the middle of June.

Tomorrow I shall be busy with a couple of other projects but I am pleased at my progress with the Andover Parish Records. I think that I will do Upper Clatford next.

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