Thursday, May 21, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 14

Andover Parish Registers occupied my day today and I have completed the marriages up to November 1594. The marriages are slower going since I have to read two different names for each entry. Sometimes I am getting father's names which is very very handy and an occasional parish when they are not both from Andover. The marriages tend to concentrate in the spring after Lent and then in the late fall into the winter. Thus far only a couple of Blake marriages. Unfortunately the registers begin just about ten years too late to catch all the marriages of the William Blake family.

Ancestry invited me to be an Expert Provider in their new scheme of providing genealogical services. I filled in the form and setup my page but I would like to just earn enough to pay my subscription and any books, etc. that I would like to purchase. I have closed my business and I am retired so it is too awkward to do more than that. We will see if they can "barter" with me. I am not sure but North America is the home of bartering!

We went to see Angels and Demons and the movie was every bit as exciting as the trailers promised. The scenes of Rome are absolutely fantastic and the Pantheon especially memorable. My daughter and I stood there in November 2001 although it was much brighter in the movie. The Piazza Navona and the Fountain of the Four Rivers was fascinating to see again so closeup.

We did a practice walk for the 10K on Saturday. We are ready to take it on. We would like to beat last year's time.

Tomorrow I will continue with the first Parish Register of marriages at Andover.

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