Friday, May 22, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 15

I spent about half of a day on the Andover Parish Registers today. I completed the marriages up to 30 August 1605 with a total of 290 marriages now recorded. This is the early part of the register and there are large chunks missing from some of the pages. I am finding the Blake marriages that interest me but the 2nd parish register will be the one that I will be keenly looking at as well as the third one. They bring me up to the early 1700s. These records simply verify the material that I have already collected from the IGI. The priest is noting the parish for these individuals if it isn't Andover which is always very nice and sometimes fathers are mentioned.

We went and picked up our race kits for the 10K tomorrow. I hope to beat last year's time so we will see how I do with that. The shirts are black this year with pink trim. Our race is at 6:30 p.m. so no heat of the day and actually it is only supposed to be 18 degrees celsius here tomorrow so will be a little on the cool side which is always a nice way to have it.

My husband and I went and bought 40 bags of black earth to put into the gardens. We also got a couple of hanging plants which will be very pleasant this summer. I love flowers outside and I am not so keen on them inside although I like lots of green plants inside.

I also spent several hours proofreading our DNA project. I can do about 25 at a time and after that my eyes start to water - it is partly looking at the screen and partly concentration. I have excellent concentration but after a couple of hours the brain needs a break (approaching 64 years is perhaps a small part of that :)).

Tomorrow I shall continue with the parish register for Andover and more proofreading of our DNA project. I would like to finish the marriages up to 1634 by the end of next week. Time will tell but I know that the registers improve dramatically in a little while! That keeps me reading the really difficult parts that are almost impossible to analyze. As well we have the 10K to do in the evening. Probably I will not do a 15 K bike ride tomorrow!

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