Sunday, May 24, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 16

Another day of Andover Parish Registers and I continued with the marriages completing up to October 1625. The last couple of pages have been particularly difficult and there isn't any improvement to the end of this first register for the marriages. None the less I now have 515 marriages (a number of them partial with only the groom or the bride). I have managed though to find some of the old families that lived in this area represented which is quite handy as I work on my Blake, Madgwick, Spring lines. I still need to order the Blake wills but wanted to have a look at these early registers to see exactly which ones might be helpful to me.

Today, my youngest daughter ran her first marathon and she finished. That completed our family event for the Ottawa Race Weekend. The three of us spend the entire year getting ready (as time is available) for this one weekend event although my daughters run/walk at other events throughout the year I only do the one event.

Other than that the day was a beautiful one in terms of weather not too dreadfully hot although some found it quite warm to run the 42 kilometres and it was warmer than yesterday.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the marriages (there are seven pages left) for Andover. Then I can start the burials and I hope to learn quite a bit about the Blake family in early Andover. Burial registers are not on the IGI to any extent (infant burials are sometimes extracted) so this will be all new information for about 70 to 80% of the entries. Often enough in the older registers the priest recorded the name of the father if a child or the name of the spouse which is extremely helpful. Also location may be recorded thus permitting me to determine the particular family of the same surname.

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