Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 17

I completed the Marriages portion of the first register for Andover and there were are a total of 632 marriages from the initial entry in 1587 to 1633. There are 887 names for marriages on the IGI for Andover in the time period 1613 +/- 20 years and 184 names between 1588 and 1592 and 32 in 1587. That is a total of 1103 names and roughly dividing by 2 gives the number of marriages (a number of these entries have only one or the other name in a marriage though in actual fact) as 552 so my 632 would seem to be quite reasonable. I could do a count on the number of marriages where I have only one name and that could well give me the same final count. I will do that in one of my spare moments!

I started the burial register portion of the first register and have completed to March 1587, the register started on 1 January 1586. There are a total of 55 burials thus far. I am using the other two charts to help me with the surnames as even in this short period of 40 years family names have changed in their spelling and some families have disappeared with new ones arriving. 20 of the 55 burials are children or infants (not specified in this early register). However the names of the parents are given which is very handy. I do not have any deaths for the Blake family in this time period which is as expected.

We celebrated my older daughter's birthday yesterday with a barbeque. It is nice to have the entire family together and we sat around and looked at picture albums.

Today we will have a look and see which of the series for "All Creatures Great and Small" are available at the Public Library. We have the first season but would like to see the other five seasons. I tried to buy them but can not afford the price right now so will borrow them from the library since they appear to have all of them.

Still watching JAG and have completed Seasons 1 and 2 and working on Season 3. Earlier we did watch Seasons 4 and 5 but will redo them. We bought Season 6 so just need 7 to 10 (7 and 8 are available in the store).

Today I shall continue working on the burial register and I will also watch the other load of laundry. We have managed to hang them outside consistently since the end of March. We hope to do so until the end of October since that saves on our electricity usage and helps the environment. Plus it probably saves us a few pennies on our bill!

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