Thursday, May 28, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 19

Again a portion of my day was spent on the Andover Parish Registers and continuing with the burial portion of the first register for Andover Parish Church. I completed to the end of 1600 with a total of 578 burials. Although the writing is sometimes hard to decipher the pages are, for the most part, fairly intact although missing some on the edges on occasion. I found one burial for a son of Richard Blake with the letters ..ater and I am still trying to decide the name of this child as I do not have him listed for Richard (William, Nicholas)'s children. There are other Richard Blake's though and he could well be the child of another Richard although I only find one Richard in this time frame baptizing children at Andover. I would have thought the letters would be .....arde for Edwarde as that is generally the name that is given to the son of Richards that died young.

We went for a long walk (about 4 kilometres) in between the rain drops - it rained slightly at the beginning and just started in again at the end. A cool day here but perfect for planting and that is what my husband spent his day doing. The flowers will be lovely.

We also picked up the other two videos for the All Creatures Great and Small Second Season and just waiting now on the first video for the season which I had to order from another library. Hopefully it will come in by the weekend.

Perhaps we will watch a couple of JAG issues this evening.

Tomorrow I will continue with the burial register and see how much I can accomplish. I have thirty three years left to do and I appear to be able to accomplish about four years a day so I am looking at about eight days perhaps to finish. If the reading improves it will take me less time and assuredly there is a portion coming that will be easier to read I hope!

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