Saturday, May 30, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 21

I worked on the Andover Parish Registers again today and the burial register specifically. I am up to June 1611 now and into the lovely script instead of the tiny writing. There are now 1045 burials in the register and I expect there will be around 2500 or more in the burial register by 1633. There was a "pest" in the village of Andover beginning in August 1603 as recorded in the register. It waged for about two years before it disappeared as quickly as it arrived. The death rate was quite high and especially amongst the elderly (i.e. widows). I have found a few Blake entries hidden in the small writing that I hadn't noticed before so shall set about seeing if I am able to place them in the family lines.

Geocities is closing down at the end of this year and that was where my webpages were located since Rogers is our IP. My husband decided to create a domain name for us - and we have now transferred all of our files over to the new domain. I will put a note on my Rogers webpage to let people know that I have moved. I will not update that page but will now only update the new domain. We had thought about having our own domain for quite a while so this will be quite nice. We also will have some email addresses that work with the domain name. At some point we may move and our rogers may not be the best IP then so it would be good to have permanent email addresses.

We spent the afternoon at the Cumberland Museum as it was an open house day for them. It was quite interesting and I learned a few new facts. We walked about 10 km all told today and we were quite tired. On the way home we picked up the dogs and brought them over for a run and walk around the block which they always enjoy. Then we watched "All creatures great and small" for the first three issues of the second season. We just have the last four issues to watch now for the second season and I have ordered in the third and fourth seasons. That is all that our library carries. There are still Seasons 5 to 7 so shall have to think about that for a bit.

I also proofread another 20 entries in the DNA database. I still have 150 to read. It is quite slow going and I am not finding very many errors. It feels more like you are accomplishing something when you find errors!

Tomorrow I shall continue with the registers and try to reach 1615 or so as there will be pages after the lovely script that will be hard to read I am sure :) Also I will continue proofreading. I am trying for 20 to 30 a day which should see me done in 5 to 7 days. I also need to make my list of wills that I want to order from Hampshire. I never quite got around to it as I got distracted by the Hinxman wills on the PCC list.

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