Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blake and Hinxman families - 3

I spent most of the day once again looking at the Blake families of Andover, Abbotts Ann and Upper Clatford amongst others. I had received a file of Blake wills that was 64 pages and I reduced it to 18 pages as I do not want to look at Wiltshire Blake wills at the moment. The Wiltshire Blake family moved south towards Christchurch and are found all along that line between Calne and Southampton with many of them in the New Forest and areas around the New Forest. However by the late 1700s I can not be quite so sure that they are not Blake family members from Andover and so I have to be cautious as I eliminate them from the list during and after this time period.

Did I learn anything new? Well by going through the list I know who has left a will now and some of them will be very interesting although may or may not help me with my quest which is basically to find more information for the linkage from Thomas (b 1709) to Thomas (b 1685) to John (b 1649) to William (b 1615). Is this a legitimate linkage? That is basically what I am looking at. There may possibly be a will for William that wasn't probated until 1702 (he died in 1696). This is unheard of so will pursue that will in any case.

Tomorrow I will continue looking at the Blake family. Now that my shoulder is much improved I can work ten hours a day easily. I want to get started writing papers. I have submitted one in the last month and hope to start doing one a month. I would like to carry on until I have published all the nifty things that I have found. I am glad that I enjoy working with other people and helping them to accomplish their work.

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