Monday, May 11, 2009

Blake and Hinxman families

I am continuing to try and sort out the Blake and Hinxman families at Andover, Kings Enham, Knights Enham, Eastontown amongst others.

With the will of Elizabeth Blake (signed 11 June 1688 and probated in 1689), I now have a connection that is helpful with my Blake family one hundred years later. Elizabeth Blake is the widow of Blake and the mother of Thomas Blake (merchant at Oxford, Oxfordshire) and Elizabeth Kidgell (married to John Kidgell) and the mother of William Monk and Peter Monk (earlier marriage to unknown Monk). John and Elizabeth will have a son Richard who has a daughter Sarah who married John Gilbert. Their son John Gilbert had a daughter Jane who married Charles Blake. This is the Blake family mentioned in John Blake (malster Abbotts Ann d 1796)'s will and receiving his personal effects. Elizabeth Blake also says that her kinsmen are William Hinxman and Nicholas Hinxman and these two men are the sons of Joseph Hinxman and Elliner Blake. I am collecting evidence looking at showing that Elizabeth Blake was born Elizabeth Hinxman and was a cousin to the children of Joseph Hinxman and Elliner Blake.

Elizabeth's son Thomas is a merchant at the City of Oxford and he has a son Thomas that is less than 21 years of age. I do not know Elizabeth's husband's name other than he is a Blake. The relationship between Elizabeth and William and Nicholas Hinxman is quite tantilizing. Are they her cousins? Is she the daughter of William Hinxman brother to Joseph Hinxman. Which Blake did she marry? Her son lives at the City of Oxford and is a merchant - I wonder if he is a mercer or draper? I shall continue to look at the relevant wills. At 3.50 pounds (UK) I now own about 100 wills or more.

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