Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blake family of Andover Hampshire

I ended up not doing any transcription today. We had a meeting that occupied most of the day but in the evening I decided to look once again at the wills of William Blake and Dorothy (Madgwicke) Blake the parents of William Blake (b 1615). I have finally sorted out the children and I rather think that Margaret (their daughter) was likely born around 1607 rather than the 1622 date suggested in the IGI. Her father refers to his son in law Josias Terry in his 1641 will (Josias is the husband of Margaret). The tendency is to address the children in birth order and Margaret is always mentioned before Joanne and Ann her two younger married sisters (and Dorothy is likely the eldest). There isn't a baptism for Margaret or Dorothy and the baptism of 1622 belongs to the youngest daughter Martha.

Once I get into the burial registers I will discover when Sara died perhaps - the other daughter of William and Dorothy. Also I may find William's burial (his will was dated 8 Nov 1641 with probate in 1642.

Tomorrow I shall work on the parish register transcriptions and have a look at my latin as I really need to get up to scratch with my latin.

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