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Hinxman and Blake Wills

I have now completely transcribed the will of Nicolas Blake who died before 20 June 1547 with will dated 31 May 1547 at Enham Hampshire England.

Test[at]or Nicolas Blake

1 In the Name of God Amen. In the yeare of our Lord God a thousand five hundred

2 fourtie and sevyn and the last day of Maye I Nicolas Blake of Parishe of Enham in the Dioces of Wynchester

3 being sicke of body but of good and perfite remembrance make and ordayne this my last will and testament

4 in manner and forme following First I bequith my soule to Almightie God to our Blessed Lady and to all the

5 Blessed company of heaven And my body to be buried within the Church of Saint Michaell the Archangell Item

6 I give to the Trinite Church of Wynchester 51 d I give to the church of Andover oon quarter of whete

7 I give to Enham Church a quarter of wheat Item I give and bequith to William Blake my eldest sonne

8 the halfe of the Farme of Andover of my Lord Sandys holding which Robert Boswell occupieth Also I give

9 and bequith to the said William the Tenement in Kings Enham of my Lord Sandys holding with all the Lammes

10 lande lying in Andover feld that the said William now occupieth and holdith also I give to the said William

11 Blake my sonne my lesse of the Tenement of the Lord Sandys called the old halle with all the appurtuances there unto

12 belonging lying in Knights Enham Also I give to the said William Blake my freehoulde in Knights Enham with all

13 the appurtuances there unto belonging Item I give and bequith unto Edmund Blake my sonne the Leasse of the

14 Farme of Andover called Sinurs (sp)Farme with all the appurtuances there unto belonging and a valworrth of my

15 Lord Sandys holdings and a lease of a Tenement in Kings Enham which is John Catts hould with

16 all the appurtuances there unto belonging Also I give to the said Edmund my sonne my freehould in Andover

17 with four acres and a half of arable land that Thomas Wescombe now holdest with all the first of myne

18 erable lands and grains pastures and commons of pastures of what nature kynde and manner and I give Be

19 which I do houlde and kepe of any manner at the making of this last will and testament Also with that

20 the foresaid Thomas Wescombe shall have the foresaid house that he dwelleth in for the terms of thirtie years

21 next following paying yearlie and to agree with Margaret Blake my wife and Edmund Blake my sonne [page 2]

22 Item I give to Elizabeth Blake my daughter one hundred of sheep and twentie poundes of money at the day of

23 her marriage and her apparel. Item I give and bequith to Alice my daughter twentie shepe and I give quarters of

24 barley to be delivered at Michaelmas next coming Item I give to Sir Thomas Upton my curate to pray for my soule

25 and all popery soules 10 s. Also if that it fortune that Edmund Blake my sonne to dye before he be of lawful age then I will

26 that my freehoulde with all the other leases given and bequithed by me to the said Edmund to remain to William Blake

27 my sonne his heires and the goods to remayne to Alice Goodwyn and Elizabeth Blake my daughters equally

28 to be divided between them And if it fortune the said Alice and Elizabeth to dye then I will the said goodes to be divided

29 between the children of William Blake my son Provided also I will that Margaret Blake my wife shall have and

30 kepe all my free landed tenements holds leases with all the appurtuances to them belonging which I doe hold of any manner

31 of man at the making of this my last will and testament during the time of her life the residue of my goods and

32 c[h]attalls not given or bequithed I give and bequith to Margaret Blake my wife and Edmund Blake my sonne

33 whom I make and ordain my executors of this my last will and testament Also I make and ordain William

34 Hoskins and William Aldred my overseers of this my last will and testament for to see it performed according to

35 my minde above specified Witness to this Sir Thomas Upton Curate Stevyn Smyth William Blake wother

36 Probatum (translation to come) Margaret Blake Edmund Blake Stevyn Smyth

I have continued thinking about the Blake family and downloaded Ellener Blake Hinxman (sister to Richard3 Blake (William2 Blake, Nicholas1 Blake's will which does link her to her brother Peter and two sisters Jone Bayley and Margaret Savage. The will is written in 1657 so her brothers William and Richard are dead her sister Joanne Sedgewick is in America, her other sisters are not mentioned nor does she mention her other brother. No nieces or nephews are mentioned (unfortunately!). I have transcribed the first page and working on the second one. Although Ellener married into the wealthy Hinxman family and her daughters married into equally wealthy families the status of this family is about to be diminished in the next generation - possibly very large families although one grandson appears to be deeply in debt to his father.

Today I will continue transcribing the Hinxman will and do some goggling before I download anymore to see what I can learn. I found one Noyse will on line that explains about the debt of the son (grandson to Ellener Blake Hinxman above).

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