Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hinxman Wills

I continued working on wills for the Blake family or related lines. Elliner Blake was the daughter of Richard Blake (brother to my William Blake bc 1587)and she married Joseph Hinxman. Elliner Hinxman left her will dated 1657 and probated 1659. This will can be downloaded from the National Archives website for only 3.50 British pounds (about $6.38 Canadian). It certainly makes for interesting reading as she mentions her brother Peter, her sisters Jane Bayly and Margaret Savage, her brother Nicholas and her cousin Peter Blake. Both of her parents had the surname Blake with her father's father being William and her mother's father being Robert.

I am just now typing the will having spent a few hours transcribing it by hand. Usually I transcribe on the computer but I decided that my arm muscles could use a little work and printing tiny letters certainly gives the muscles a workout. I think I shall do that from now on.

I am also reading "The Tribes of Britain. Who are we? and where do we come from? by David Miles. It is a heavy read but absolutely fascinating and I highly recommend it. I always find these books fascinating because all of my ancestors (as far back as I have been able to trace) were born in England or their parents/grandparents were (I have only three Canadian born ancestors - my mother, her father and his mother). Hence all these stories people elect to write about the British make for very interesting reading for me because I am a part of that story.

Tomorrow I shall continue working on wills but also on my husband's presentation to the OGS in June. I am starting to think about my talk in September and I need to contact the other speaker just to let her know what I am thinking of doing and ensuring it fits in with her three talks on a similar vein.

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