Thursday, July 9, 2009

Andover Parish Register 2 - 2

I continued working on the Andover Parish Register 2 - baptisms and completed up to the end of January 1638 with a total of 2839 baptisms now recorded. A couple of new Blake baptisms that I knew should exist and now I have them in the database. These are Richard's children (older brother to my William) and I continue to think that it is a mistake to think that the Richard Blake in the London Visitation is this Richard. I believe that he is descended from the Robert Line (as opposed to the Nicholas Line). I just happen to be descended from both lines as the parents of my William and his brother Richard are descended from the Nicholas line (their father Richard Blake) and the Robert line (their mother Jone Blake). A few new family lines have appeared but the old ones are still at Andover.

We put in a busy day with visiting the dogs at noon to take them out for a short walk and then they came back to us this evening and helped us to eat up the left over chicken. They both really enjoyed their plates of chicken.

Genealogy Wise is a new social networking site especially for Genealogy so I have joined and set up a Pincombe and Siderfin group. I will setup a Blake group as well for my Hampshire Blake family. I joined the Guild of One Name Studies Group and the Devon Group.

Tomorrow I will continue working on the Andover registers. They are a challenge right now as the copy is very poor.

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