Sunday, July 12, 2009

Andover Parish Register 2 - 4

I continued working on the Andover Parish Register 2 today and completed the baptisms for this register. There are now 3028 baptisms in the excel file. There are two new Henxman entries:

Henxman Christian daughter Henxman Joseph 1637 January 18
Henxman Elizabeth daughter Henxman Joseph 1640 May 26

These are the grandchildren of my 10x great grandfather Richard Blake's sister Eleanor who married Joseph Hinxman.

I started into the marriages and there are now 663 marriages in the excel file.

This is going to be an enormous file when it is completed up to 1900 at some point in the distant future!

We went to the Re-enactment of one of the Battles of the War of 1812-1814 at Upper Canada Village today. Yesterday the events were rained out but today the battle took place. It was extremely well done and one of the units was the Royal Artillery. My great grandfather served in the Royal Artillery from 1864 to 1885 so was pleased to see the uniform. I imagine it was somewhat changed from 1812-1814 but probably not a great deal. We are toying with the idea of taking on re-enactments as members of the Royal Artillery (my husband and I). I also have one 3x great grandfather who was in the 23rd Regiment of Foot so that too would be interesting. He served in the Peninsular Wars. It is possible that I have a second 3x great grandfather who served in the Peninsular War as well. I am still trying to discover if he did.

Tomorrow I shall continue with the transcription of the Andover Parish Register 2. I think perhaps I will complete this Register and then go back to the Timberscombe and complete a number of the Bishops Transcripts pages. Then I will return to do the 3rd Parish Register which is one that I especially want to look at for Andover. It will not likely answer particular questions but having all the data will be helpful.

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