Monday, July 13, 2009

Andover Parish Register 2 - 5

Another day on the Andover Parish Registers and I was typing the burials when I discovered three pages of marriages with one upside down. I transcribed all those marriages and found one interesting Blake marriage. Widow Ann Blake married and I am still trying to decide who this widow would be. I then continued with the burials and completed to the end of 1635 (began at 1634). The marriages that were upside down were from 1641 and are missing from the IGI so a real find.

I will note the new Henxman entries tomorrow night as I have closed the file for the night.

I also worked on Genealogy Wise and the Rowcliffe family. I have a second member of the group who descends from Andrew Rowcliffe and Joan Harvey. Another cousin thinks that the IGI is correct with having William as the father of Andrew. I am still ambivalent. I think that perhaps Andrew is the son of Andrew but that the entry giving his birth as 1695 is incorrect. There isn't a William on the St Pauls Brief at Merton and Andrew is definitely at Merton - he farms land at Merton. Joan is baptized in 1690 at Dolton and she is buried in 1760 giving her a lifespan of 70 years which isn't unreasonable. They marry in 1720 at Merton. More time is needed looking at the Merton and Meeth registers to see if I can find a few more answers. The first register for Merton that is extant is Parish Register 2.

Tomorrow I will continue with the Parish Registers. I would like to complete the burials this week for Parish Register 2. I am just starting page 11 of the third row which leaves me with 16 images. I have been doing about 6 per day so it is reasonable that I could complete this fiche by Thursday.

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