Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Andover Parish Register 2

I commenced the 2nd Register for Andover Parish and as I had said earlier it is a challenge. I managed 173 baptisms today (completed 6 pages) which was about 2.5 years worth. It is almost impossible to read some of the entries and what helps me is knowing who may be there and piecing the letters together to make the names! I did find a couple of Blake entries that I was looking for - daughters of Richard elder brother to my William. Richard and Joanne his wife had five daughters and three sons with only the daughters and one son surviving infancy. A number of writeups on the Blake family name this Richard as the Richard on the London Visitation. Richard on the London Visitation of 1633-34 is the son of Richard Blake and Jone (Blake) Blake. Jone's father was said to be William of Eastontown (nr Andover). I think it is Robert (brother to Nicholas (father of William))'s son or grandson Richard. Robert was the eldest son and received the larger portion when his father died. Although Robert had six sons which must have diminished his estates somewhat but I suspect that it is his son (fifth) that went off to London. I can not at this time determine who Jone is as I do not have a daughter Jone for William Blake at Eastontown. The other determining factor is that Richard (son of Richard (son of William, son of Nicholas)) does not have two living sons in 1633-34. Reading through this portion of the Parish Register does clear that item up quite a bit.

Two more Hinxman baptisms

28 Feb 1635 Thomas son of Thomas Henxman baptized

28 Feb 1636 Thomas son of Thomas Henxman baptized

I must admit to being somewhat mystified at the exact same date for the two baptisms but perhaps it was in memory of the first one. I haven't looked at the burial portion of this register yet and that may answer the question.

We have a walk over to the Green Belt and back (7.6 kilometres) which was a good hike. The weather is just pleasant for a walk mid afternoon - sun is not too hot.

I decided to check the Hampshire Visitations as well. This was is dated 1634 and so fits in well with the London Visitation at this similar time period. The Hampshire lists William at Eastontown and this is my William but my Richard isn't listed. The only sons listed are: John married to Margaret Blake (daughter of William Blake (Robert Blake's son William (2nd cousins)); William married to Margaret Hibberd and his son William married Ann Tutt and Peter who remained a Bachelor but was a counsellor of the Inner Temple in London. The only daughter listed is Agnes - I have her married to Kynton as per the will but on the Visitation she is married to Roger Hyde. I need to see if I can find an answer to that query!

Tomorrow I will continue to work on the Parish Register for Andover and for Timberscombe.

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