Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bradfield BRK and Hutton Cranswick ERY

We spent the morning at the Family History Centre reviewing the microfilms that we ordered in. I ordered in Bradfield BRK, Hutton Cranswick ERY and Driffield ERY. Unfortunately only 2 of my 3 films arrived: Bradfield and Hutton Cranswick. The Driffield leads into the Hutton Cranswick but not a problem since I have all the Sproxton information already that leads me back into Hutton Cranswick.

I started with Bradfield Parish Registers and I am looking for more information on Nathanael Lambden. Unfortunately this Parish Register didn't help me very much except to verify the records on the IGI. I can still not say that this Nathanael Lambden is my Nathanael Lambden who is at Andover at least from 1751 on when Nathaniel, eldest child, was baptized. I was hoping that Nathanael may have married Sarah at Bradfield as they did not marry at Andover. I have not yet found a burial registration for Nathanael although Sarah was buried at Andover 8 Nov 1797. I need to check and see if that was as a wife or as a widow or no mention of either. I have forgotten now! Definitely the wife of John Lambden (mother of the Nathanael Lambden baptized at Bradfield) is not Joan Caruthue. I am still working on her name but it comes closer to: _aruttens. I suspect the first letter is a B but that doesn't match any of the names closeby either. The Lambden family is not a common name at Bradfield although I want to review all the images that I made today to have a good look.

I have completed that survey of the 40 scans at varying years and I would say that the Lambden family did not live at Bradfield for an extended time period. I know by the Poor Rate that John Lamden held leases there (he paid his poor tax) in 1726. That is the only record that I have found thus far on the microfilm. Interestingly Mary Lambden (likely sister of Nathanael) was married in 1756 at Bradfield but she did not sign the register although Nathanael signed the register when his daughter Elizabeth married in 1789 (but Elizabeth did not sign, she made her mark). Perhaps this family only educated males!

I can not do very much more with this microfilm. I needed to at least look at it. Probably I should try to discover the other parishes where the Lambden family lived (known to be at Reading) in the area. That might be helpful. Also I will look at the St Mary Borne Parish Registers as the Lambden family were there in Hampshire as well.

Continuing to review the remainder of the images that I captured and this time of the Hutton Cranswick Parish Register. I found Richard Sproxton's baptism in 1721 and verified it and also that of his father Richard Sproxton 2 Oct 1691 also at Hutton Cranswick and Richard married Grace Wiles 19 Jan 1720. This Richard's parents were: Richard Sproxton and Margaret Garrit who married 30 Sep 1688 at Hutton Cranswick. I did manage to find this Richard's baptism 2 Aug 1663 at Hutton Cranswick with father John Sproxton. I need to review the register as it is a little blurry in my picture and there is more information in the line that just the name John Sproxton. I will see if there is a marriage for John Sproxton in this register. I would like to find Grace Wiles' baptism (Wiles is a fairly common name at Hutton Cranswick) and also a baptism for Margaret Garrit. That will be one of my assignments for tomorrow. If the Driffield Parish Register has arrived that would be very handy as I have quite a few items to look up in it.

I have two wills/documents to transcribe for a fellow Hinxman researcher. I will begin them in a couple of days. I like to read them over a bit before I start just to get my eyes used to the writing of this individual. Solving the Hinxman family may help to give me more proof for my Blake line. It is a slow process to really augment the "meat on the bones" of our ancestors.

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