Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gill-Gale Family at Bishops Nympton

Discovered a rather interesting item for a requester looking for information on their Gill family at Bishops Nympton. For reasons unknown to me the priest spelled the name of this family Gale starting with the marriage of one of the sons of William Gill in the late 1770s. He continued with the Gale spelling for this family line into the 1800s although siblings were spelled Gill. Solved a mystery for the requester who had been trying to locate her ancestors on the IGI for awhile. I double checked all of my entries just to see if I had made a transcription error but the priest had clearly written Gale.

A little more work completed on the Hinxman wills and I decided to put off ordering the Blake wills from the Hampshire Record Office until September. I really do not have time to work on them right now. The days are flying past.

We had a lovely walk with the dogs up to the video store to return "Knowing" which I had watched for a second time today. No bike ride today though - too humid still.

Tomorrow more work on the Hinxman will.

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