Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gray-Cobb-Hilton-Sproxton and others

I did receive an email from one of the Gray family descendants searching his line and belonging to the East Yorkshire Mailing List. I do not see a link between our lines in the 1700s and 1800s but perhaps earlier. He is still working his way back as am I. I hadn't really done anything with all the images that I brought back from Salt Lake City for East Yorkshire. Mostly because I am still working on my images from the 2nd and 3rd day and Yorkshire was the 5th and 6th day of research there.

I did determine that the Robert Gray at Cherry Burton in the late 1700s was the father of Robert Gray baptized at Holme on the Wolds (although I am not sure why he was baptized there). The burial registers for Etton and Cherry Burton revealed that Robert Gray who was baptized at Cherry Burton 4 Oct 1739 was the same Robert Gray who farmed at Cherry Burton into the early 1800s and who died at Etton and was buried at Cherry Burton 20 May 1808. There is only one Gray family at Etton in the Parish Registers. Robert Gray baptized at Holme on the Wolds 4 Aug 1774 was the Robert Gray who farmed at Etton from 1807 on from the Land Tax Records. He is still there well into the 1830s and I will give a more accurate picture of that once I review the Etton Land Tax Records which I filmed (every year although some of the images are somewhat blurry). My 2x great grandfather Robert Gray (aka Robert Gray Junior) also farmed at Etton before he emigrated to Canada in 1832. His prime reason for emigration was the lack of land for farming in his area and the abundance of it in London Township where he emigrated. His knowledge of this would have come from the Carling family who were brewers at Etton and whose son Thomas had emigrated to London Township in 1819 (he was a Talbot settler). Thomas married Margaret Routledge and in 1835 Robert Gray married Mary Routledge (her youngest sister). With Robert came his younger brother William and much later in the 1850s James their youngest brother emigrated to Canada - Richard and John remained in England as did their sisters Ann (never married) and Eliza who married Richard Hart Guy.

Having established the connection back to Cherry Burton I also was able to find the marriage of the parents of Robert Gray (Robert Gray and Jane Hilton who married 6 Jun 1771 at Cherry Burton). This would appear to be the Jane Hilton who was baptized 1 Aug 1739 at St Mary and St Nicholas, Beverley as one of the witnesses to the wedding was Robert Constable junior. The parents of Jane from the baptism were Thomas Hilton and Mary Constable. Robert could be Mary's brother. There only appears to be one child (Jane) in their family and Mary could be the Mary Constable baptized at Cherry Burton 14 Feb 1700 with father Robert. This Robert Gray's parents were Robert Gray and Ann Stephenson who married 2 Jul 1734 and I need to determine their other children hopefully from my images although I remember having difficulty with these years in the register. Robert Gray was baptized 28 May 1708 at Cherry Burton and was the son of another Robert Gray and it is at this point that I have difficulty. I am not sure who his father was in terms of where he was baptized. He does not appear to have been baptized at Cherry Burton. There is a Robert Gray baptized at Kilnwick in 1686 (28 May) who could be the Robert Gray buried 8 Aug 1736 at Cherry Burton. But this will require another long look at the registers.

I will now extract the Gray family from Hutton Cranswick given the information which I received from another researcher on his Gray family which is at Hutton Cranswick. I shall give a glance at the images that I took of the parish register when I did my initial run through.

An email from the Siderfin researchers that I was speaking of earlier on Genes Reunited came in today. I responded that we had chatted. I must admit that I do not mind turning over the Siderfin one name study to him if he wishes to take it on. He is advertising for people to send him their information and he will put together a family tree which is an excellent idea and I will wait to see what emerges. I have quite a bit of information that I have pulled out of the census which I had thought about putting up on a webpage (up to 1890) along with the images of the book on the Siderfin family by Sanders. I have already put up a Legacy file of the information in James Hooper Sanders book. There are errors and I have put in a note showing the correction to my line. I am not sure that I agree with the researchers thoughts on James not knowing his own great grandfather. I think that his family being inlaws with the Clark family does make sense but will wait and see what evolves in that regard. I do not have the advantage of all the records at Taunton with respect to the family.

Tomorrow I need to work on the cake for the engagement party. I decided that I would make the Wedding cake, this will be a trial run and I will see how I like doing that. I will use fondant icing for the engagement cake. Otherwise I will have a cake made for their wedding. I could bake the cake and cupcakes and just have everything iced. Other than that everything is ordered or purchased. Just the punch to make on Friday and cook the meatballs in sauce. My ability to do a great deal of preparation and then actually appear at a party is limited! I can do one or the other. Usually I choose to do the former and pass on the celebration but this is my daughter's party and I can not disappoint her.

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