Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great Driffield

I spent a short time reviewing from the beginning of the Great Driffield registers. No sign of my surnames there in the mid 1500s but I will not discard yet as I am working in the early 1700s with known ancestry. There could be a number of female lines not yet disclosed. The Gray family wasn't there either though and I need to keep this family in the back of my mind as I look at all of these parishes as I do not know the location of my Gray family before 1708 when they are at Cherry Burton.

My new screen is going to make it much easier to transcribe as I can have two documents side by side. I hadn't really thought about that but my husband mentioned it in the store when we were purchasing and when I experimented with it; it is a really helpful tool. I have almost completed moving everything from the old computer to the new. I just need to load secure FTP and my ftp locations and then I think I have moved everything over. My husband is going to use the old machine to format 3.5 inch discs. My new CPU is about 1/6th the size of the old one and my workspace allows for my scanner to be hooked up all the time now which is a real bonus. The only other equipment I would like to purchase one day is a microfiche scanner. The microfiche reader is the largest thing on my desk now!

We watched the entire 4th season now of All Things Great and Small (borrowed from the Library). One new person in the cast and it took a little while to get into that but really enjoyed the last episodes. Both my husband and I have ancestors from Yorkshire so find it really interesting to see the wonderful scenery and meet all the interesting people who are part of the series. Ed's ancestors came to Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s so quite a piece back for him but my Robert Gray came in 1832 to Canada so not so far back!

We biked 12.6 km today and it was a trifle cool but a very pleasant ride. We hope to ride until on into October this year - we will bike in the afternoon now since the evening is rapidly disappearing as fall approaches. The crickets are singing now when we walk in the early evening. The birds are starting to flock in preparation for migration to the south. I was saying to my husband we can tell the time of the year by the flowers, the sounds and the birds. Winter is a little more difficult although the cold weather comes in late December and into January with the long nights. Gradual warming comes into February as the daylight lengthens. The snow is here for all of it though and can not necessarily help us to predict the month! However the heavy snows come in late February and early March as we warm up a little here.

Tomorrow I want to spend some more time on Great Driffield so as to prepare for my next session at the Family History Library and also work on the Hinxman wills.

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