Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hinxman Wills

My husband had a meeting in Morrisburg today so I drove along with him and took a Hinxman will with me that I am transcribing. It will be a challenge as it is from 1579. I set up my template and captured the phrases that I recognized quickly. I like to transcribe on the computer and this I was doing from a paper copy. It was a good start and I am starting to become familiar with the writing.

I continued looking at Sproxton and heard back from one of the people who has Sproxton at both GeneTree and Ancestry. She mentioned that the furtherest back John Sproxton was married to Ann Simpson so I checked out my images and discovered that John Sproxton junior married Ann Simpson 6 Jan 1659 and the marriage that I found between John Sproxton and Anne Huser was perhaps his father marrying a second time although I need to go back to the register and have another look. This is very near the beginning of the register so may not be able to solve that. But in the meantime I can not quite make out the parish for Ann Simpson so will check that out on Tuesday to see if I can read it on the original.

Tomorrow I will continue listing all the images that I have made thus far and the records that I should be able to find on the Hutton Cranswick film. Then I shall be ready on Tuesday to continue working on the film. I haven't heard yet if Great Driffield is in but perhaps later this week or early next week. I am also going to order St Mary Bourne Hampshire film in as my husband has another one to order in for his German ancestors. He has done very well with his film and found his great grandmother quite readily and has traced her back to her grandparents. A very good research time for his microfilm. I have also found quite a bit so am very pleased. Too bad that the film only goes back to 1653 as it would be interesting to see if I could trace John Sproxton back to Wakefield Yorkshire.

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