Saturday, August 1, 2009

Organization day

I spent the day organizing my images that I have taken this year and labeling them. I have meant to do that for awhile but I will be taking more images next week and wanted to be ready for that. I also collected the pipe roll images that I acquired on one of our visits to a repository and have them ready now for translation/transcription since they are in Latin.

I joined the GenealogyWise Somerset Families group and decided to post a discussion on Carhampton Hundred which necessitated my finding all the parishes in the hundred of Carhampton. While I was searching that out, I discovered a book on the Carhampton Hundred written in 1830 on Google books. I downloaded that and spent several hours going through it (672 pages). A most interesting read and I may have learned a new bit of Siderfin information. The Siderfin who was buried at Wootton Courtney appears to have used the Siderfin crest and he was in my line. Not that that affects me at all since I have little or no interest in family crests. I now have several family crests that are in my lines - Blake, Pincombe, Routledge and Siderfin.

I organized my emails and filed them away for the past month as I have gotten very far behind in that.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to transcription although I need to write a short essay on researching at the Allen County Public Library.

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