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Pincombe One Name Study - 2 August 2009

Yesterday evening, I had a marvelous find in the Crediton County Courier:

Pincombe family reunion success

Friday, 10 July 2009

DESCENDANTS of the Pincombe family, originating from Queen Dart near Rackenford, held their first ever family reunion at the Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum - and what a memorable occasion it was!

More than 140 adults, plus children, gathered together, some from as far away as Yorkshire and Cheshire, to reminisce and study photographs of several generations. William and Sarah Pincombe started farming at Queen Dart at the end of the 19th century, where they brought up 11 children. The Pincombe family continued to farm there for the next 100 years. Large gilt framed photographs of William and Sarah Pincombe were on display as well as the Pincombe coat of arms, which was incorporated onto a large reunion cake. The 11 members of the original Queen Dart family were Jack, Emma, [Lily], Bessie, Fred, Frank, Bert, Ernest, Winnie, Henry and Gladys, who continued the family tradition of farming, marrying locally and settling in the area as have very many of their descendants; in fact you don’t have to go very far in North Devon without bumping in to a member of the Pincombe family! The eldest person at the reunion was 91 year old Ruby Cole and the youngest was six month old William Parris, whose grandparents, Winston and Heather Pincombe were celebrating their Ruby Wedding: certainly an unforgettable day for them. Everyone agreed that it was a most successful and enjoyable event and thoughts have now turned to the possibility of holding a similar event in a few more years.

Alan Quick


I haven't made much of an effort to contact the Pincombe family directly in England other than people who contact me first. My line that was at Bishops Nympton is fairly dispersed from there since the mid to late 1800s.

One child is missing in the article from the list of eleven children - Lily would come between Emma and Bessie. I had not been able to place this group at Oakford into the overall family tree but have been able to take William Pincombe (married to Sarah Ann Skinner) who was born 1863 at Oakford to his parents Richard Pincombe and Caroline Arthurs. Richard was also born at Oakford circa 1835/1836 although the census give a birthdate closer to 1837/1838. His parents were William Pincombe and Elizabeth according to the census with William born circa 1793 at Bideford. My Bideford chart that I have from the earlier Pincombe one name study is one of the most incomplete in that it only traces lines down to the mid 1700s and there are at least 10 lines there. I haven't worked on that chart at all yet. The furtherest back ancestor for the Bideford group is William Pincombe with wife unknown. They had four known children: William (married to Johanne Pyne) 31 Jan 1587, Phillipp (b 1563) and married to Wilmote Beare 10 Feb 1583, Johane (b 5 October 1566) and Richard Pyncombe (married to Joan Row 27 July 1599). Phillipp and Richard appear to be the only two sons with descendants (four each). Since two of the four children were baptized in the 1560s then William may have been born around 1525 to 1535. I have suggested that he is the younger son of Christopher Pincombe who lived at South Molton with father John and is found on the 1620 Visitation for Devon. Christopher's son listed on the Visitation is John and he continued to live at South Molton. Christopher's older brother John's grandson John Pyncombe married Amy Doddridge (daughter of Judge Doddridge) and he was the Mayor of South Molton in 1598 and was granted a Coat of Arms which I shall search out and list here in a couple of days or sooner depending on when I find it! Family lore suggests that the Bideford/Barnstaple Pincombe families are descended from the South Molton Pincombe family.

I haven't a great deal of interest in Coats of Arms possibly because I am female and could only use one if I didn't have any brothers and was in a direct line from the original individual who was granted to Coat of Arms. In my case I have four brothers who would all come before me. There are Coats of Arms for the Blake, Pincombe, Siderfin and Routledge families that I have acquired information on thus far with my ancestors.

There is a hint that they will have another Reunion which is really very exciting. In another couple of years I will have input all of this information that I inherited from the original Pincombe one name study (one of their line was part of the research team (2 individuals)) which I would share with them if they are interested. This Pincombe line had one individual who emigrated to the United States in the 1600s and one member of the earlier research study was a descendant of that individual.

It always quite fascinates me how families flow actually. My Pincombe line has daughtered out (my uncle was the last). However the other two sons of John Pincombe and Elizabeth Rew Pincombe (the emigrants in 1850 with their five children to Canada) have a number of lines still carrying the Pincombe surname.

Tomorrow I shall continue working on the Pincombe family as this newspaper item has cleared up a few mysteries for me in the census. I have a picture of my emigrant Pincombe ancestor who was born15 Apr 1808 and baptized 5 Jul 1808 at Bishops Nympton.

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