Friday, August 7, 2009

Sproxton - BMDs, Census

I have a project in mind that involves me reading old text so I am reading that intermittently and extracting Sproxton members from FreeBMD, IGI and the Census. I have both Ancestry and FindMyPast so I use them together to find my people and then save them to my computer for future family assembly. This will be the first time that I have selected a name and decided on collecting all the information on that name for a one name study from scratch. Both my Pincombe and my Siderfin study had a lot of material assembled when I took them on at the Guild of one name Studies. I will wait awhile to take on Sproxton (if I ever actually do a one name study on this surname). Free BMD has 146 births in almost a 100 year interval, 88 marriages (that is less than 2 births to a marriage!), and 82 deaths. At least the births are exceeding the deaths by a good percentage. On the other hand this was a very small family in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s so not so many people who are old actually. From the IGI I found 104 baptisms between 1686 and 1890 (13 are patron entries which I usually ignore but in this case I have entered them and marked them as such since this is a very small family), 60 marriages between 1605 and 1892 (11 are patron entries and six between 1837 and 1892 are likely duplicates), and 3 burials all patron entries. I will be adding the data from the parish registers that I have extracted as well. The baptisms go back to 1653 at Hutton Cranswick and are missing from the IGI. All in all a very interesting sideline while I work on the wills.

We went shopping and found some interesting DVDs to watch and then took a 10K bicycle ride.

Tomorrow I hope to start transcribing the wills and continuing to extract data for the Sproxton family.

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