Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sproxton - Interesting puzzle

Examining the images further for Richard Sproxton and the marriages has given me further details. Grace Sarum married Marmaduke Wiles in 1703 and Marmaduke was buried in 1719 leaving her a widow. Richard Sproxton married Grace Wiles in 1720. The priest does not note that she is a widow unfortunately but the earlier priest had added Richard Sproxton junior to the marriage of Richard Sproxton and Dorothy English adding further proof to the marriage being the correct one and Richard Sproxton's parents being Richard Sproxton and Dorothy English. I haven't been able to discover anything about Dorothy English but will cotinue checking into that family line.

I continued working with the John Sproxton line (although not mine I decided I might as well figure it out for the 1600s and early 1700s). The use of senior, junior and younger is helpful and I was able to separate all the families and put them into legacy under the appropriate parent. The John line is a much larger one in the early 1700s and is the line that remains at Hutton Cranswick into the early 1800s. The Richard line moves to Great Driffield where my Richard marries Ann Harland and when the Great Driffield film arrives I will be able to sort them out I am hoping.

We went for a two hour canoe ride in the bayou of the Ottawa River which is around Petrie Island. It is a most pleasant canoe ride and with three of us paddling we were able to traverse quite a distance in the two hours. We had marvelous views of yellow and white water lillies. We will try to get out again for a few more rides before the summer is past. No time for a bike ride these past few days with all the film viewing. I will just do one more day on Hutton Cranswick and also looking at Watton, Skerne and Beswick. I want to have a fresh eye to look at Watton and Beswick as I think that there may be a few entries there that might interest me. The Skern registers are badly damaged and I did not really see anything that would be helpful.

We are into the first really warm spell of the summer but you can tell that the cooler days are soon to come as the evenings cool off quite quickly. This is the coolest summer that I can remember for awhile. In some ways it is nice but the ripening is slower in the garden. So although our tomatoes are quite lovely they are still very green.

No time spent on the will today but I shall get back to it once I have finished with the Hutton Cranswick film. The Great Driffield film will be awhile as it had to be created from the master copy and it is possible that St Mary Bourne film will come first. It is a transcription and if it doesn't help me then I will buy the fiche for the parish registers from the Hampshire Record Office.

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