Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lambden - St Mary Bourne

I am amazed at the speed with which we are now at 13 September since my last blog post was the 6 September. Labour Day monday was a labour free day for me as we decided to bike and took a long ride. Then we watched JAG. Tuesday we watched JAG once again. Wednesday we went to the LDS library where my St Mary Bourne film had arrived and I wanted to image more of the Great Driffield film. Ed filmed Great Driffied from the burials 1653 up to the 1753 and included the baptisms and marriages from 1703 on. That was over 500 images and I shall have to read through them before going to the LDS once again. My Sproxton line was at Great Driffield well into the 1800s. My own direct line had moved on to Lund by the mid 1700s.

St Mary Bourne was a typed manuscript (which I knew) and is the only record that the LDS holds. I wanted to look at it before I ordered the fiche for St Mary Bourne from the Hampshire Record Office. There isn't a Nathanael/Nathaniel Lambden listed there and now I need to decide whether I should start moving further afield from Bradfield Berkshire by ordering the Thatcham Berkshire film or buy the St Mary Bourne film and transcribe it for myself. There are quite a few baptisms, marriages and burials at St Mary Bourne extended back into the early 1600s and the Lambden family continues there into the 1800s. Some of these Lambden members move to Andover and are found there in the mid 1700s along with my Nathanael Lambden family. I shall think it over for a week or so whilst we wait for the Warlin film to arrive for Ed. He is researching his Niemann family there and we found those entries on the IGI now that we have the full name for the father of Rachel Niemann (Ed's great grandmother).

Today is a very busy day so will have to complete the week's blog tomorrow.

I have to work on my talk this next week - I want to check for any new information on my studies. It will be nice to complete my talk as it tends to wake me up in the night - I practise in my sleep however not on purpose - it is simply my way of preparing for a talk.

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